La Casa De Papel - TV Series (2017-) -
10 May 2018
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La Casa De Papel - TV Series (2017-)

La Casa De Papel - TV Series (2017-)

    The La Casa De Papel series, with an IMDb score of 8.7, was launched in 2017. Series type #action #mystrey and #crime. La Casa De Papel players, writers and directors are included in the article contains brief information and series about the series.

    We have a person that provides himself the name of 'Professor', as well as he establishes up a group of 'shed' kinds with the desire of making centuries burglary. Each of them has city names like 'Tokyo', 'Berlin', 'Helsinki', 'Rio', 'Oslo'. The switch is pushed and also a beginning is made for the ideal break-in strategy.The switch is pushed as well as a begin is made for the ideal burglary strategy. We are chatting concerning a forefather that has actually long been fantasizing of a teacher nicknamed for years, practically making strategies for fifty percent of his life, and also at some point establishing up a group to achieve it.

    Quickly summed up; yes, 7-8 individuals are defining the effort of mint burglary. We are chatting regarding a forefather that has actually long been fantasizing of a teacher nicknamed for years, virtually making strategies for fifty percent of his life, and also ultimately establishing up a group to complete it. Every little thing is extremely thoughtful and also you could not wait to begin the following department promptly when the episode is over.
    Starting like a conventional series, the consecutive series exposes the distinction in design, with effective discussion as well as information. The very first component of the period, which was relayed in 2 components in Spain in its very own nation, was released in May 2017, the 2nd component in October 2017.

La Casa De Papel Cast & Crew

Cast Series

Úrsula CorberóÚrsula Corberó... Tokio15 episodes, 2017 
Itziar ItuñoItziar Ituño... Raquel Murillo15 episodes, 2017 
Álvaro MorteÁlvaro Morte... El Profesor15 episodes, 2017 
Paco TousPaco Tous... Moscú15 episodes, 2017 
Pedro AlonsoPedro Alonso... Berlín15 episodes, 2017 
Alba FloresAlba Flores... Nairobi15 episodes, 2017 
Miguel HerránMiguel Herrán... Río15 episodes, 2017 
Jaime LorenteJaime Lorente... Denver15 episodes, 2017 
Esther AceboEsther Acebo... Mónica Gaztambide15 episodes, 2017 
Enrique ArceEnrique Arce... Arturo Román15 episodes, 2017 
María PedrazaMaría Pedraza... Alison Parker15 episodes, 2017 
Darko PericDarko Peric... Helsinki15 episodes, 2017 
Kiti MánverKiti Mánver... Mariví15 episodes, 2017 
Brian BeacockBrian Beacock... Arturo Román15 episodes, 2017 
Johnny Yong BoschJohnny Yong Bosch... Rio15 episodes, 2017 
Bob BuchholzBob Buchholz... Alberto15 episodes, 2017 
Reba BuhrReba Buhr... Alison15 episodes, 2017 
Dorothy Elias-FahnDorothy Elias-Fahn... Mercedes15 episodes, 2017 
Doug ErholtzDoug Erholtz... Denver15 episodes, 2017 
Barbara GoodsonBarbara Goodson... Maribi15 episodes, 2017 
Erika HarlacherErika Harlacher... Aridana15 episodes, 2017 
Cherami LeighCherami Leigh... Nairobi15 episodes, 2017 
Kyle McCarleyKyle McCarley... Suarez15 episodes, 2017 
Bryce PapenbrookBryce Papenbrook... Pablo15 episodes, 2017 
Jamieson PriceJamieson Price... Helsinki15 episodes, 2017 
Cindy RobinsonCindy Robinson... Raquel15 episodes, 2017 
Pete SepenukPete Sepenuk... Prieto15 episodes, 2017 
Keith SilversteinKeith Silverstein... Angel15 episodes, 2017 
Christopher Corey SmithChristopher Corey Smith... Berlin15 episodes, 2017 
Michael SorichMichael Sorich... Moscow15 episodes, 2017 
Cristina ValenzuelaCristina Valenzuela... Tokyo15 episodes, 2017 
Joseph WhimmsJoseph Whimms... Oslo15 episodes, 2017 
Anne YatcoAnne Yatco... Monica15 episodes, 2017 

Series Directed by La Casa De Papel

Jesús Colmenar...(5 episodes, 2017)

Alex Rodrigo...(5 episodes, 2017)

Alejandro Bazzano...(4 episodes, 2017)

Miguel Ángel Vivas...(2 episodes, 2017)

Javier Quintas...(1 episode, 2017)

Series Writing Credits La Casa De Papel

Esther Martínez Lobato...(15 episodes, 2017)
Álex Pina...(creator) (15 episodes, 2017)
Javier Gómez Santander...(12 episodes, 2017)
Pablo Roa...(12 episodes, 2017)
Fernando Sancristóval...(12 episodes, 2017)
David Barrocal...(9 episodes, 2017)
Esther Morales...(6 episodes, 2017)