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RT @VeengasJ: Another video in which Reena & Raveena converted to Islam & marred off to men. In video - Molvi seen saying that acc. to con…
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RT @ggiittiikkaa: 1. Fight was over cricket, not religion 2. Gurugram police already arrested culprits before you tweeted 3. When Ramayana…
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RT @MrAndyNgo: New study shows that leftists support censorship of information that can portray women, Islam & blacks unfavorably much more…
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RT @iimfahima: Islam hardliners in Indonesia should learn from New Zealand how to treat minority
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RT @ZKhanOfficial: Did you know? The terrorist attack in #Christchurch killed 51 Muslims, today approximately 350 people have converted/rev…
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RT @KapilMishra_IND: Hindu of Pakistan This father his two daughters Raveena & Reena just 12 & 14 years old , forcebly converted to Islam…
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RT @harriszainul: Repeat after me: This. Is. NOT. About. Islam. It. Is. About. Standing. Up. For. Minorities. And. Showing. Them. They.…
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RT @PeterJamesRoth6: @Trish_Corry Scarves covering women's heads. Long history in western culture in mourning. Seperate from islam. I find…
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RT @jokowi: "PKI, antek asing, anti-Islam, anti-ulama, akan melarang azan, menghapus pelajaran agama.” Itu sebagian fitnah dan hoaks kepada…
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RT @Trump454545: "Allahu Akbar": being chanted as New Zealand citizens pause for prayer before two minutes of silence.😳 Mosques are now cal…
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RT @TalkIslam1: He thought killing 50 Muslims would stop Islam. The Quran was read in Parliament. The Athaan was called across the world.…
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RT @Ludovicus82: Knettergekke 'docent' die een vraagje had aan Volkert geeft dus les in ‘Islam en Arabisch’ en ‘Religie en samenleving’.…
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RT @vikramsampath: A brilliant essay by the clinical @ARanganathan72 who dissects conundrum of the "good" n "bad" Muslim in the light of ho…
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RT @abhijitmajumder: This barbaric torture till death because Sanjay refused to convert to Islam after marrying a Muslim. Our ‘seculars’ d…
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RT @sankrant: Well written by @ARanganathan72 . Another puzzle. What makes so many "seculars" and so many Hindus to mirror the stance of th…
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Pejuang Al-Shabaab Serbu Gedung Kementerian Tenaga Kerja Somalia di Mogadishu
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Muslim Selandia Baru Menangis Saat Kembali Gunakan Masjid Al Noor Setelah Pembantaian
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RT @BITO_WALE: FEMINISM have no place in ISLAM.
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RT @avoiceofliberty: We should all remember that Allah is not God. Islam is not a religion. @IlhanMN is not a loyal American. https://t.c…
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