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1h Ago
@saltkong lol i fckn know, i was watching good network and the barefoot contessa lady kept saying “h’oo’mmus” and i wanted to throw up
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Barefoot Contessa's Sous-Vide Gluten-Free Steak is Gonna Be the Next Potluck Favorite!
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How to Create a Great Cover Letter That Stands Out | Career Contessa via @careercontessa…
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1h Ago
Ready to learn more about treatment options for drug-resistant seizures? This FREE event is right around the corner…
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Just Pinned to For Working Moms: How To Know It's Time To Quit Your Job: The 8 Warning Signs | Career Contessa…
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1h Ago
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1h Ago
na okay2 na akong right ear baii huhu thank you kaayos akong doctor na si faith, thank you pud sa sponsor sa suga n…
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RT @SarahGelo3: Mood: @e_entertainment your unprofessionalism makes me sick. #LongLiveTheRoyals
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RT @SaveShows: Come on everyone tweet #LongLiveTheRoyals #SaveTheRoyals We can do this!
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RT @cfplcsw: @TheRoyalsOnE #LongLiveTheRoyals #SaveTheRoyals This show just go on!!
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RT @Jaspenor1: We cannot give up! We can save our show! #LongLiveTheRoyals #SaveTheRoyals
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RT @twrkperry: the royals merece ser renovada #LongLiveTheRoyals
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RT @lightybrighty: We may think #theroyals is dead, but that's what we thought about Robert for 2 seasons. Who's ready for another resurrec…
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RT @LionsgateTV: #Loyals, thank you so much for your undying loyalty. We're hard at work trying to find a new palace for this monarchy! Kee…
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RT @Gryffindor_18: THE CAST DESERVES IT. THE CREW DESERVES IT. THE FANS DESERVE IT. #SaveTheRoyals #LongLiveTheRoyals #RenewTheRoyals #TheR
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RT @TheCynicalCindy: #LongLiveTheRoyals because we need a Jaspenor wedding!!
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RT @_LightToMyDark: #LongLiveTheRoyals #SaveTheRoyals Long live @MrMaxBrown 's performance, he gave us a character we either loved to hate…
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RT @maavors: When #theroyals gets cancelled. #LongLiveTheRoyals
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RT @TheRoyals_FR: @LionsgateTV This tweet gives me so much hope. I'll do whatever it takes to have my royal family back. #LongLiveTheRoyals
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RT @velvethunder: the only royal wedding i want to see is jasper and eleanor’s so there better be a whole season about them bring happy and…
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