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RT @JohnJHarwood: Trump claimed credit this week for creating 3.4-M new jobs in the 19 months since his election, a feat “nobody would have…
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RT @gregorykorte: This guy received a presidential pardon, without submitting himself to the formal Justice Department process and jumping…
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To My Grown Up Children, Don't Forget Me... #emptynest #grownupkids
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RT @michaelianblack: A tiny thing but important. Overwhelming evidence that governmental ethics are now erased. Endless examples. https://t…
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RT @KaivanShroff: REMINDER: Sarah Sanders was thrilled when gays were being refused service.
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RT @itsBOMBARDIER: me at 14: can’t wait to travel the whole world once i’m earning my own money me now: mustn’t forget that tupperware at…
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RT @WilDonnelly: Shouldn't you be defending her religious freedom not to serve fascists who support child abuse, abductions and trafficking…
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80's finds.. helping Mum go through bins of old clothes...I really am a carbon copy... fitting into her old clothes…
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RT @WideAsleep22: Surprise
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RT @jeremynewberger: Sarah Sanders wanted Farm to Table and instead she got Ass to Curb. Go #redHen!
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RT @davidhogg111: @HuckabeeOnTBN @realDonaldTrump Why do you tear children from their families?
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RT @Nupe117: Kicked out of a restaurant - One five-star review on Yelp read: “The best. I've heard that they serve crow to those deserving…
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RT @DonCheadle: 🤡🍌💩
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RT @slpng_giants: Yeah. So weird you got turned down. It’s not like you were gay and trying to buy a cake or something.…
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The brick wall doesn’t mean to give up. It means “A job well done, now turn around and try again” #goals…
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RT @chrislhayes: A friend sends along this picture of a Stand With Kids lemonade stand in TN. So much activism happening around this issue.…
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RT @thedailybeast: Sarah Huckabee Sanders was thrown out of a Virginia restaurant Friday night after the owner took issue with her role as…
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RT @williamlegate: Success.
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RT @DanRather: When it comes to the Trump Administration, there's the myriad cruelties of its policies, the stench of corruption, and the c…
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RT @keethers: I don’t recall the Obamas or their staff publicly putting restaurants and businesses on blast.
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