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1h Ago
Question on @Quora: What really happened in the 2000 Presidential election? Why did Al Gore concede without forcing…
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RT @writeditor: In most of the country it's autumn; here in florida it's election season. #FloridaRecount #florida #FloridaFloridaFlorida #…
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RT @JBVO2: It's good to see the national Republican Establishment leadership fighting voter fraud in the #FloridaRecount. Not. Their silenc…
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RT @JoeNBC: |@marcorubio is fighting against every citizen’s vote being counted in Florida. #FloridaRecount
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3d Ago
RT @John_Kass: The #FloridaRecount & Johnny Rocco: "get my boys to bring the voters out, and then count the votes over and over until they…
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3d Ago
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RT @RichardDeNapoli: Video from the discovery of the provisional ballot box at the Fort Lauderdale airport @PhilAmmann @FoxNews @Fla_Pol #F…
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RT @JavManjarres: BREAKING! More provisional ballots found in Broward County . Explain this @BrowardSOE #FloridaRec
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6d Ago
RT @Mr_MAGA1776: So Nelson loses 1300 votes and Scott gains over 600. Sounds they they tried to rig it on purpose. Then they miss the dea…
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