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1h Ago
@thisis_noelle Nyekkkk dapat sinagot mo foot longggg hahhaa
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Pag Marketista, magaganda! Kems! 😂
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1h Ago
RT @CorvinNI: Travel issues aside ✈️ Great time returning to Birmingham for @ThisIs_Progress Look forward to returning #Chapter73 #KO
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RT @clevelanddotcom: Happy Monday, Cleveland 🌞 Photo: Erik Drost, edrost88 on Instagram
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@IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump Lol. The high road has better views!
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1h Ago
RT @gadget80: Show ends with @drewparker_97 setting HIMSELF up for axe murder from @JimmyHavoc until @PR_WRESTLING intervenes.. leading to…
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Two children dollars? What’s this nonsense you’re rambling on about, woman? #TermLimits
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Remember a debate we once had? Re: Mbappe being a better teenager than CR was? @SediMakaveli @thisIs_SK
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RT @FIFAWorldCup: Goodbye Russia 2018 👋🇷🇺 👋🇶🇦Hello #WorldCup Qatar 2022 👉
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RT @fallinready: fake fans always have better luck than any of us real fans and that right there is the tea
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RT @ThePowerfulPics: Outfits Ideas😍🔥😍
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@thisis_noelle mas natutuwa ako sayo wag ka papatalo😂lol
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1h Ago
RT @minsehoek: bbh, 2012: ugh having superpowers as a concept is so embarassing bbh, 2018: Y’ALL LMAOOO LOOK I CAN TURN ON AND OFF THE LIG…
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RT @mememasters_off: 😂😂😂😂😂 #AnilsAtrocity
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@marklutchman The same people who don’t support #2A? Pretty sure my guns will do more than your words .
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RT @TrollywoodOffl: Dancer anna mass 😎
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1h Ago
RT @lightup0408: 180715 #TheElyXiOn_Dot⁠ ⁠ #카이 #디오 🐻🐧💛 https://t.c…
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Natutuwa ako na nagkekwento na sakin si pato😌
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RT @realDonaldTrump: President Obama thought that Crooked Hillary was going to win the election, so when he was informed by the FBI about R…
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