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18h Ago
RT @citation454ss1:
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1d Ago
RT @ErikaStinkyP: They're all holding hands, but Miss pretentious Kendall ignores the girl next to her and just takes Gigi's hand. I hate t…
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RT @bellsense: ela tá tão emocionada 😭 me parte o coração saber que talvez esse é o último desfile dela #vsfs18
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2d Ago
Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!! Have a Great Day! 🙂😀❤️❤️💖💖 #Valentines #Love #HappyValentinesDay2019…
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3d Ago
RT @CassieYuchun: 10 10 10 เก็บแต้มเต็มสำหรับเทย์เลอร์ทั้งอินเนอร์และความสวย ไม่แปลกใจทำไมนางได้เดินเปิดโชว์ 👑 #VSFashionShow #vsfs18 #VSFS
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4d Ago
RT @angeIictears: Bella Hadid looking absolutely gorgeous backstage at VSFS18 in New York
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4d Ago
RT @hesmalibv: kendall jenner waking in this outfit got me shook, I LOVE THIS #VSFashionShow2018 #vsfs18
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4d Ago
RT @hesmalibv: THIS WAS SO ICONIC, BEST VS FASHION SHOW EVER #vsfs18 #VSFashionShow2018
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RT @elsavsangel: behind the scenes with VSFS18
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9h Ago
RT @vsactu: Candice & Behati at the backstages 🥰 #VSFashionShow #vsfs18
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