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1h Ago
RT @Zegna: Winter 2019 #ZegnaXXX looks on @BamBam1A and @mtuan93. Discover more from last night’s show at #ZegnaXXX.
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RT @Zegna: A leader of our XXX movement - and a new face of Zegna. Sehun marks his spot. #ZegnaXXX #Sehun #제냐XXX
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15h Ago
RT @Quincy: Italy has been a vibe. #zegnaxxx
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RT @Zegna: Guests in attendance at the #ZegnaSS20 Fashion Show, last night in Milan. #ZegnaXXX
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RT @Zegna: .@TeamVic and @karrueche in #ZegnaXXX last night at the #ZegnaSS20 Fashion Show in Milan.
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