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1h Ago
A really powerful read from @atiyeahthoughts from @350Canada "The same political forces defending fossil fuels are also escalating attacks on migrants and refugees. There is no justice for our planet without justice for people." https://t.co/sBnMpp1zof https://t.co/3j53ZQRZe1
9 Favorites 9 Retweets
1h Ago
RT @CJAOurPower: The rightwing presidents of Brazil & the US met. @RepDebHaaland & Joênia Wapichana, 2 of the first female indigenous membe…
0 Favorites 5 Retweets
2h Ago
150,000 jobs in just 10 years. THIS is the kind of change a #GreenNewDeal4NY could bring. We need @nygovcuomo & other elected officials to take notice and take action. #PassTheCCPA https://t.co/eZfHg4ot9U
30 Favorites 17 Retweets
3h Ago
RT @billmckibben: Fantastically detailed new report from @350, @350brooklyn make clear that the proposed Williams gas pipeline for NYC is a…
0 Favorites 24 Retweets
6h Ago
RT @GoFossilFree: TONIGHT: @NYGovCuomo's office, @NYCComptroller + @NYCSpeakerCoJo will be at the #GreenNewDeal4NY Accountability Forum to…
0 Favorites 7 Retweets
6h Ago
RT @MarkLevineNYC: Why is New York allowing massive expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure? A new fracked gas pipeline into Queens would t…
0 Favorites 12 Retweets
6h Ago
.@350GHANA is calling on their government to honour their renewable energy commitments. You can join them here: https://t.co/0i96OOGW0Q #AfricaClimateWeek https://t.co/9CjycAWWW0
9 Favorites 3 Retweets
7h Ago
The biggest global climate mobilisation should inspire grown-ups: “We are seeing a new generation of activists emerge, who are speaking courageously and demanding justice” says @mayboeve -> https://t.co/PXKObKmD5b https://t.co/faVsCkXzZO
31 Favorites 17 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @RichBrooks350: Wow! Over a thousand New Yorkers have already RSVP’d to attend today’s sold-out #GreenNewDeal4NY Accountability Forum to…
0 Favorites 8 Retweets
8h Ago
Today, one month after his assassination, we stand with indigenous defenders in Mexico who are under constant threat, and 2tand by the communities of Morelos in their demands for justice -> https://t.co/agfCQUsLZD #VigilForSamir #YoPrefieroLaVida https://t.co/YIISm2aXbv
11 Favorites 3 Retweets
12h Ago
Great to see @c40cities mayors pushing/supporting each other to go #fossilfree & #divest from companies fuelling the devastating climate impacts being felt around the world, nowhere more than Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe today. https://t.co/geJ3OfdrAG
45 Favorites 28 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @frannyarmstrong: New film WHAT IF? set in parallel universe where they ARE tackling climate change. Such brilliant acting from @jonsnow
0 Favorites 164 Retweets
15h Ago
New report confirms: @Chase is funding the #ClimateCrisis #BankingOnClimateChange https://t.co/uBAe7B1Sxj https://t.co/wPdkKKRzJW
16 Favorites 15 Retweets
15h Ago
RT @GeoffreySupran: This Thursday, I will testify as an expert witness to EU Parliament about ExxonMobil's history of denial and delay on c…
0 Favorites 187 Retweets
16h Ago
RT @350SouthAsia: Glaciers in the Everest region of the Himalayas could decline by as much as 99 percent by 2100 due to warming temperature…
0 Favorites 24 Retweets
19h Ago
In tomorrow's forecast, more climate change information on your weather channels? 🌦️ Ex-BBC presenter calls on broadcasters to add slot explaining humans’ impact on climate https://t.co/yBsfx4RIR0 https://t.co/RFmIvylZM2
25 Favorites 4 Retweets
20h Ago
Cyclone #Idai could become the worst tropical cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere. But let's also be clear, "the storm was made worse by climate change, centuries of colonialism, and continuing international injustices." https://t.co/prCzzOkG5U https://t.co/X5n2nU8nUy
74 Favorites 69 Retweets
22h Ago
RT @PennieOpal: Yesterday in San Francisco, a coalition of over 50 organizations, organized by 350 Silicon Valley, blockaded the global hea…
0 Favorites 20 Retweets
22h Ago
RT @Deb4CongressNM: Either we fight for the human rights of our people or we stand to lose everything. https://t.co/eXRGVDFG2T
0 Favorites 204 Retweets
23h Ago
@GretaThunberg @StrikeClimate @ThisIsZeroHour To be very clear: There is no justice for our planet without justice for people.
93 Favorites 23 Retweets
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