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25w Ago
was watching back shinee's hello baby, and the part where they parted with yoogeun came out. i couldnt help to teared when it was jonghyun's part with the description "let's definitely meet again" :( https://t.co/ug3UfvckSP
91 Favorites 29 Retweets
26w Ago
this video will be 2 years old in a week time, and yet jonghyun who has met the angels was hyping up during BTS' performance, giving thumbs up and probably told onew his heart was fluttering when jimin took out his blazer. we have an army who lives in the heaven now. https://t.co/6tLZcXIEGv
142 Favorites 61 Retweets
26w Ago
i knew it this hairstyle brings back jimin's debut https://t.co/8Vbq50Cyuq
125 Favorites 32 Retweets
26w Ago
@BTS_twt to our dearest @hitmanb, @pddogg and the rest in @BigHitEnt, thank you for everything, from producing, composing and handling them everyday. please take good care of the boys and also your own! always remember to love yourself and continue to work hard and love each other harder.
77 Favorites 30 Retweets
26w Ago
dear boys @bts_twt, please take care of yourselves off stage where we armys are unable to see what you guys are doing. our only wish is to see you guys happy, healthy and successful. to armys, please treat our boys right and also, take care of yourselves. i love you all.
159 Favorites 81 Retweets
26w Ago
@vantaekim babe plz take care, we shd meet once you're settled i really love you x
1 Favorites 0 Retweets
26w Ago
[+3,876, -32] "I stood by the entrance everytime before a show taking his pictures, but instead the angels now are taking over my job and are waiting for him at the entrance of heaven." my heart skipped a beat at jonghyun's masternim that has been there for him over a decade
15069 Favorites 8979 Retweets
26w Ago
to the people who are complaining that some fans are overdoing and are on suicidal thoughts over jonghyun's death well listen here carefully, we do not need more lives to be taken away to prove us that mental illness is not okay, get up and help one another and stop complaining
857 Favorites 461 Retweets
26w Ago
a korean local news reported that an autopsy is currently occuring right now. to all of you, please pray for everyone's safety and help each other out slowly from this grief. we hope no one, especially shawols will do anything bad that hurts them after the autopsy is out.
558 Favorites 332 Retweets
26w Ago
i believe most of us are here united because of shinee. they have brought us here together, has helped us know more good influencers in this industry, and get to know each other regardless of races and religions. Jonghyun and the other members are indeed a good inspiration to us.
200 Favorites 107 Retweets
26w Ago
ok plz dont blame SM for their late confirmation statement for jonghyun's death. the whole building might be at the state of despair right now ok, imagine you saw jonghyun went back home after recording-work and now you know he's gone? human reaction exists, thanks.
19723 Favorites 12446 Retweets
26w Ago
its the night of 18th december and the world just lost someone who is always ready to help other people, gives off positive vibes, easily make people laugh, very talented at any skills and lastly, we've lost a generous smile. Kim Jonghyun, thank you for everything.
517 Favorites 405 Retweets
26w Ago
RT @jeongsewoon_twt: 연예계 비보로 인하여 오늘 예정된 브이앱 생방송은 취소되었음을 알려드립니다. 팬 여러분의 양해 부탁드립니다.
0 Favorites 23392 Retweets
26w Ago
"It's been really hard up until now. Send me off please. Tell everyone I've suffered. This is my last greeting." Jonghyun's final texts brought me to tears. No one deserve being treated like this, artists or non. We are humans, not robots.
402 Favorites 266 Retweets
26w Ago
my heart goes out to jonghyun's family, friends and also shawols........ :(
15 Favorites 5 Retweets
29w Ago
ok sorry, wasnt planning to close down my account, but some serious things are happening around me. i couldnt get enough time to update, plz pray for me. 🙏🏻 i will continue updating by 1st Jan next year.
119 Favorites 4 Retweets
33w Ago
the boys were hectic and were in a mess when playing the game but yoongi stood there smiling and laughing at them 😂 https://t.co/udJZlTCm97
278 Favorites 179 Retweets
33w Ago
jimin and hoseok instinctively posed together and walked up to one another for a 3 seconds staring contest 😂 https://t.co/HVaRkY5QHE
403 Favorites 253 Retweets
33w Ago
look at that 😍😍😍🤤 https://t.co/uei3PzEdZi
42 Favorites 3 Retweets
34w Ago
💓💓💓 https://t.co/iaTM3uLkiE
25 Favorites 4 Retweets
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