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1h Ago
“We will get through this.” Coast Guard leaders address members who are working without pay amid government shutdown
188 Favorites 87 Retweets
1h Ago
“She did not go along willingly.” UPDATE: Police say Victor Pena, 38, of Boston has been arrested and charged with Kidnapping in connection to the disappearance of 23-year-old Olivia Ambrose who was located earlier today
222 Favorites 121 Retweets
2h Ago
Coast Guard Interdicts Suspected Migrant Smuggling Boat Off Florida Coast
89 Favorites 68 Retweets
2h Ago
Police Look For Suspect After Woman Killed at Nashville Condo
47 Favorites 63 Retweets
3h Ago
Brutal Sex Trafficker “King Casino” Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court
135 Favorites 98 Retweets
3h Ago
Former College Basketball Coach Admits To Bribery In NCAA Scandal
46 Favorites 42 Retweets
4h Ago
Baltimore City Schools vote 10-0 against bill that would allow school police officers to carry firearms during the school day - WJZ
402 Favorites 247 Retweets
4h Ago
JUST IN: Cause of Death Revealed In Oregon Quadruple Homicide Where Infant Was Among Victims
22 Favorites 28 Retweets
4h Ago
DEVELOPING: 2 Drones Flying Near Newark Liberty Airport Halt Flights
83 Favorites 121 Retweets
5h Ago
BREAKING: Ground stop issued for flights to Newark Airport after drone sightings, FAA says - WNBC
251 Favorites 223 Retweets
5h Ago
SHOCK VIDEO: Teen Gets Into Shootout on Facebook Live – (NSFW)
61 Favorites 59 Retweets
5h Ago
BREAKING: Missing Virginia sisters who were found dead, duct-taped together on Hudson River shore in NYC committed suicide, medical examiner says - WTTG
138 Favorites 148 Retweets
6h Ago
JUST IN: 3 Michigan Residents Arrested For Attempting To Join ISIS
152 Favorites 161 Retweets
6h Ago
HAPPENING NOW: Police searching for gunman after at least 3 people were shot at a Family Dollar store in Charlotte, NC - WCCB
135 Favorites 158 Retweets
6h Ago
French prosecutor's office says singer Chris Brown has been released without charge after a rape allegation - SKY
156 Favorites 151 Retweets
6h Ago
JUST IN: Mueller Asking About Trump Campaign's Ties To NRA - Report
84 Favorites 84 Retweets
6h Ago
BREAKING: Missing Boston Woman Olivia Ambrose FOUND ALIVE
255 Favorites 107 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @Breaking911: Police: Mom overdosed and rolled onto baby son, killing him
0 Favorites 132 Retweets
7h Ago
BREAKING: Trump administration to ask Supreme Court to quickly hear appeal of lower court ruling blocking citizenship question in 2020 census - Reuters
714 Favorites 344 Retweets
7h Ago
She begged the judge to “never grant him any possibility at being deported because he has crawled his way back into the States illegally way too many times.”
296 Favorites 259 Retweets
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