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1h Ago
RT @Ocasio2018: Oh no! They discovered our vast conspiracy to take care of children and save the planet 😂
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1h Ago
RT @TiaMari489: So proud of @IndivisibleCA48 and their strong grassroots organizing to help deliver this flip. 💙💙💙
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1h Ago
💃💃💃 read the full guide here:
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2h Ago
@annehubert 🤩 thank you!
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2h Ago
RT @NC_Progressives: Now that Democrats have control of the US House, @IndivisibleTeam has introduced "Indivisible on Offense: How to leve…
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2h Ago
RT @IndvJackson: We finally did it! Two pictures from Indivisible Jackson's #ProtectMueller Rally on The Rachel Maddow Show's segment on th…
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2h Ago
RT @_ElizabethRB: Thank you to @plough_shares for including us and investing in peace work!
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3h Ago
Last week, we took back the House and saw major gains on the state level - and now it’s up to all of us to make those wins mean something moving forward. Use our new guide, Indivisible on Offense, to hold your MoC and representatives accountable:
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4h Ago
RT @IndivisibleGSV: So proud of these three candidates & all of the local @IndivisibleTeam groups who worked tirelessly to hold their MOCs…
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4h Ago
@StevenLJohnson Hi Steven! At the bottom of the page there's a link to download the guide - if you visit the Google Doc, you can download it as a .pdf file.
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4h Ago
@RobertoGMontes Thank you Roberto!
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4h Ago
RT @RobertoGMontes: The new @IndivisibleTeam guide is incredible If you're one of those people who are serious about holding politicians a…
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4h Ago
RT @DemWrite: Everyone check out @IndivisibleTeam’s new guide for 2019-2020: Indivisible: On Offense. Find out how to embrace and bolste…
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4h Ago
🤣🥳🍾🎉 Read our new guide, Indivisible on Offense, here:
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5h Ago
Last week, we took back the House - but this movement didn’t start in D.C. It started with finding our voices, our communities, our power. Our new guide will help you continue to hold your representatives accountable - at all levels of government:
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6h Ago
RT @BenjySarlin: . @IndivisibleTeam, the group whose guide to activism went viral in 2016, has a sequel out about how to pressure the House…
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16h Ago
RT @YasmineTaeb: Many of the women who ran and got elected this year were told “wait your turn.” Dont ever let anyone dictate when its the…
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16h Ago
@indivisible_tn 💪🙌💯This is music to our ears!🤩
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16h Ago
RT @indivisible_tn: We’ll be putting the Indivisible Guide 2.0 in action soon, right here in TN’s second congressional district! (Groups in…
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16h Ago
Ready to help set the agenda in Congress & ensure Democrats serve as a check on Trump? We have a new guide for that. @ezralevin just sat down w/ @maddow to talk about it! ⬇️ Watch the full segment: Then text OFFENSE to 977-79 for updates! 📲
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