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2w Ago
We are ready to hit the road tomorrow. Headed to I-80 Speedway for the weekend! https://t.co/hqtu5SwIN5
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9w Ago
@united 3931
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9w Ago
Found out Jamaica is a blast but the trip home has been a disaster. Been stuck in Chicago since yesterday and now been sitting at the gate for over an hour. Flown @united twice and both times a disaster. Never flying United again.
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11w Ago
I would like to wish this very special guy a Happy Birthday! He is a huge part in why i get to do the stuff i do. I cant thank him enough for everything he has done. Happy Birthday Grandpa! https://t.co/4LhY6E0Hbb
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19w Ago
RT @ParkJeffersonSD: April 26 & 27 announced for Park @ParkJeffersonSD South Dakota Sprint Car Nationals. https://t.co/8kKlC7EGGa
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19w Ago
Always enjoy having @BlakeAnderson on the mic. Killing it with the pit reporting. #DirtInDecember https://t.co/48vN4judkA
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19w Ago
I think i just became a Shannon Babb fan! Dudes a animal! #DirtInDecember
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22w Ago
These people here are the ones that make my job look easy. If it wasn’t for them none of it would be possible. I cant thank them enough! https://t.co/rSZfiSz983
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29w Ago
Praying for @GregHodnett 🙏🙏
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30w Ago
Well we picked up win #3 on the year and clinched to 2018 MSTS 360 Championship! Thanks to my team for everything this year! Wouldn’t change this team for anything! @ Rapid Speedway https://t.co/bYtJ4nMm5K
50 Favorites 2 Retweets
30w Ago
@A__Bradley @Connie18 @KnoxvilleMoths @morganward37 @_lacyfinley Must of been at turn 2 trunk bar to long.. some people just cant handle Knoxville 😂
2 Favorites 0 Retweets
30w Ago
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32w Ago
We are locked into the top 4 for the final night of the Jackson Nationals with $10,000 to win! We will roll off 3rd for the dash and finishing order will line up the top 8 spots! https://t.co/TBj0TvWtrJ
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32w Ago
Can we find point totals anywhere from first night of nationals @jacksonmotorplx?
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33w Ago
@A__Bradley @_lacyfinley @KingJames @OBJ_3 Turn 2 if you were wondering.
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33w Ago
@_lacyfinley @A__Bradley @KingJames @OBJ_3 What i think of while reading this... https://t.co/r1t04e2wiH
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33w Ago
Be sure to tune in tomorrow!! https://t.co/zqxbFL3EJu
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34w Ago
RT @WingedNation: BIG WEEK: Today: WN by @HerculesTires : Cap Henry and Gerard McIntyre Thursday: WNW by @HRPWings : @JacobAllen1a Satu…
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37w Ago
Officially on racecation! Heading to @knoxvilleraces tomorrow for the best 10 days of the year! We will qualify Thursday for 360 Nationals!!🏁
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37w Ago
RT @SpiekerPR: After solid runs at @jacksonmotorplx & @knoxvilleraces, @LeeGrosz uses off weekend to prepare for 360 Nationals ➡️ https:/…
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