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Louisiana’s Attorney General
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8h Ago
RT @jacobsoboroff: NEW: 7 days until migrant family reunification deadline. Government says only 14% of kids have been reunited. 1/3…
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8h Ago
RT @AriMelber: It is Pres. Trump who denied US intelligence, embraced Putin and is keeping the content of his Putin meeting secret *from* h…
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9h Ago
RT @theappeal: A Vineland, NJ, cop killed Rashaun Washington—a 37-year-old black man who witnesses say was unarmed. The cop shot him 3 time…
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11h Ago
I don't have the answers to all of our problems. I do know that challenging reactionary local prosecutors one by one at the ballot box and replacing them with people who will fight to end mass incarceration is a worthwhile use of time. Follow @RealJusticePAC if you agree.
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12h Ago
RT @uplcchicago: We are suing on behalf of Strawberry Hampton, a trans woman being held in a men's prison where she has experienced endless…
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12h Ago
RT @RepSwalwell: #BREAKING On the @HouseFloor, @housegop voted to ZERO out our election security funding. @RepMikeQuigley & @WhipHoyer pass…
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12h Ago
RT @JColeNC: KOD Tour. See you in 3 weeks.
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12h Ago
RT @NYDailyNews: JUST IN: Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says she hasn't seen "any evidence” that Russian election interferen…
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12h Ago
RT @TVietor08: Trump is incapable of fixing the mess he made in Helsinki. The question is whether republicans are willing to debase themsel…
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12h Ago
RT @StevenTDennis: The White House OMB now projects the deficit will rocket to $890B this year and top $1T through 2021. cc, uh, Larry Kudl…
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12h Ago
RT @TVietor08: You don’t have to help @seanspicer monetize his lies
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12h Ago
RT @ZoeTillman: “I Feel Like I Am Trash”: Immigrant Children Describe Squalid Conditions In Detention Centers Along The US Border https://t…
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12h Ago
RT @lavrentia: A chemical used on most poultry produced in the US is making workers sick. These two women are blowing the whistle. https://…
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12h Ago
RT @Amy_Siskind: “The same Russian intelligence agency charged with hacking Democrats’ emails in 2016 has targeted at least three candidate…
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12h Ago
RT @TheRoot: Three Minnesota teens are speaking out about being held at gunpoint by cops after a white girl lied on them to 911 operators.…
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12h Ago
@LegalAidNYC @GwenCarrERIC A complete fabrication. A stain on our whole city.
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12h Ago
RT @LegalAidNYC: “The idea the N.Y.P.D. couldn’t have acted before D.O.J. has always been a lie,” - @GwenCarrERIC, mother of #EricGarner.…
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12h Ago
RT @BLMChi: #FreeStrawberry
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