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1d Ago
@heidiklum @TaylorSwift I love you too! Thank you for having me!
5002 Favorites 770 Retweets
1d Ago
Thank you @TheGNShow for having me and the band!! It airs tonight. Feeling lucky that I got to be on with @sophiet, Michael Fassbender, @jes_chastain and James McAvoy - They were all so sweet, now I want to just walk around yelling GO SEE DARK PHOENIX. 📸: So Television / BBC https://t.co/vbY7UMBLaz
55524 Favorites 8222 Retweets
1d Ago
I made a #PlaylistbyME! of songs I’m loving right now- check it out and make your own on @applemusic https://t.co/ivvkvt6V9g https://t.co/wVvHlg4wPc
52819 Favorites 9697 Retweets
2d Ago
Had the best time performing with @brendonurie on @nbcthevoice finale - thank you to the fans there for being so welcoming! And a huge congratulations to @MaelynMusic!! Meeting you made my day 🥰 📸: Trae Patton / NBC https://t.co/YdKLjda5jt
71737 Favorites 10918 Retweets
1w Ago
Oh my God this is SO CUTE I LOVE IT. Thanks for putting all that effort into this you guys. Also Cassey I actually just finished the 30 day @blogilates ab challenge!! 🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕 Sending all of you a hug, thanks again! https://t.co/cXUELNktny
63538 Favorites 7840 Retweets
2w Ago
I know I never think before I jump... https://t.co/LXqqrGdpmX
179154 Favorites 28501 Retweets
2w Ago
RT @EW: .@TaylorSwift13 divulges the secrets to her album Easter eggs https://t.co/e39zwRIMSi
0 Favorites 5144 Retweets
2w Ago
Thank you for such a wonderful experience @EW - I loved getting to talk with @AlexJSuskind (yep I said it, I did an actual interview with a human journalist!! 🎉) Wanted to rep as many things/people I love on the jacket 💗 and more in the interview. https://t.co/C6dtAPFgfF https://t.co/zp0IiEPTn2
76636 Favorites 15861 Retweets
3w Ago
RT @amazonmusic: .@taylorswift13's ME! continues to CRUSH records on Amazon Music! Most first day streams ✔️ Most first day on-demand voic…
0 Favorites 3655 Retweets
3w Ago
THIS WAS THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF FUN POSSIBLE. And for the first time ever I’m releasing the live rehearsal audio from this performance on vinyl and CD from @BBMAs on my site. Thank you to every performer up there with us tonight!!! 💗💗💗💗💗 https://t.co/MBHGP99Zxz
158582 Favorites 30448 Retweets
3w Ago
RT @BuzzFeed: Taylor Swift And Brendon Urie's Billboard Music Awards Performance Is The Most Fun Thing I've Ever Seen https://t.co/TIIiUYPh…
0 Favorites 3965 Retweets
3w Ago
RT @taylornation13: Never before heard LIVE Rehearsal ME! Audio on CD + Vinyl are available only on the merch store until tomorrow!!! ✨🌈💕  …
0 Favorites 2347 Retweets
3w Ago
I’m trying to give them a normal upbringing but when the little ones and I ran into the flawless @PaulaAbdul on the way to red carpet we STRAIGHT UP had to get a pic. https://t.co/qf6iTLCUvV
101618 Favorites 13006 Retweets
3w Ago
Omg spelling is fun but especially in this lyric video cause we also have GLITTER: https://t.co/PT2IwYqNTH https://t.co/g1XJOaVVmI
51520 Favorites 8805 Retweets
3w Ago
Ah, French... the language of love. A new video is out on @youtube going behind the scenes of THAT scene: https://t.co/rIlX75blVN https://t.co/KFsKMFx6Ps
51910 Favorites 8682 Retweets
3w Ago
Before I take the stage at the #BBMAs, I’m catching up with @zanelowe on @applemusic's @beats1official. Listen Wednesday: 9:30AM PT / 12:30PM ET / 5:30PM GMT https://t.co/LCbq2ZrJus https://t.co/BKNb0dgUst
48103 Favorites 8289 Retweets
3w Ago
Brendon and I shot our @Spotify vertical video at rehearsals in Vegas to give you a sneak peak of our @BBMAs performance 😀 https://t.co/kV2fKymzXW https://t.co/lXH6bTjU50
102454 Favorites 17926 Retweets
3w Ago
You. Are. The. Best. 😻  #taylurking #fromMEtoYOU https://t.co/oc7funLCvT https://t.co/RZG7KFg1OT
28597 Favorites 2978 Retweets
3w Ago
LOVE 💗💗💗💗💗 #taylurking #fromMEtoYOU https://t.co/oc7funLCvT https://t.co/aU1iFTh2gJ
26550 Favorites 2590 Retweets
3w Ago
YOU ARE MAKING MY DAY! #taylurking #fromMEtoYOU https://t.co/T91mVWiVXN https://t.co/mvkhaab2Hb
26187 Favorites 2795 Retweets
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