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7h Ago
RT @krassenstein: What worries me even more than the damage that Trump is causing to this country, is the door he's opening to future Presi…
0 Favorites 1720 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @tonyschwartz: When your sense of self depends entirely on winning and dominating -- on external evidence that you matter -- loss oblite…
0 Favorites 1121 Retweets
20h Ago
RT @krassenstein: Today Trump tweeted that French polls show that just 26% approve of Macron. What he forgot to mention is that these same…
0 Favorites 5490 Retweets
20h Ago
RT @grantstern: Michael Cohen is in DC telling all to Mueller's investigators. Donald Trump is Client #1 Elliot Broidy is Client #2 Sean…
0 Favorites 2597 Retweets
20h Ago
RT @ProudResister: He blocked Merrick Garland. He obstructed Obama at every turn. He refused to call out Russia in 2016. He dismissed ef…
0 Favorites 22932 Retweets
20h Ago
@senatemajldr OMG, you're a comedian! I knew you were a corrupt, complicit #traitor but I didn't know you were a comedian as well. What talent! #breaking #Treason
0 Favorites 0 Retweets
20h Ago
RT @freddyatton: * #TrumpPoll ( @realDonaldTrump ) (retweet) ------------ Did you know that "Nazi" is an abbreviation?
0 Favorites 52 Retweets
21h Ago
RT @BillKristol: This truth has become painfully self-evident: Mr. Whitaker should not be Acting Attorney General of the United States of A…
0 Favorites 789 Retweets
21h Ago
RT @MKGenest: A little PSA: Homeless people are still people. They aren't a lower life form and aren't to be afraid of. They just don't hav…
0 Favorites 2590 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @aravosis: Oh my god. The French government showed up at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday to honor our fallen heroes when Trump ref…
0 Favorites 33854 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @TheRickWilson: Death of A Hot Tub Salesman https://t.co/6zZi3JEoMt
0 Favorites 738 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @RVAwonk: Yesterday, 50+ countries signed onto a cybersecurity agreement meant (in part) to lay the groundwork for a "Digital Geneva Con…
0 Favorites 4459 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @AGProducts: Stock up on the Sno Brum now so you'll be prepared all winter long! Once your customers try it, all their friends will want…
0 Favorites 1 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @4everNeverTrump: Reminder: —Jeff Sessions isn't a victim —John Kelly isn't a victim —Kirstjen Nielsen isn't a victim —Mitch McConnell i…
0 Favorites 3374 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @justinhendrix: The State of Maryland is expected to ask a federal judge on Tuesday for an injunction declaring Whitaker is not the legi…
0 Favorites 1114 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @jedshug: Maryland challenges Whitaker’s status as AG as part of ACA litigation: “seeks injunction that prevents feds from responding wh…
0 Favorites 69 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @tonyschwartz: Every sign I see -- most notably Trump's relentlessly foul mood since the midterms -- points to big news coming from Muel…
0 Favorites 4348 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @sarahkendzior: Trump almost never smiles; he smirks or sneers. The other genuine, relaxed smile I recall is with Lavrov and Kislyak in…
0 Favorites 8105 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @SteveSchmidtSES: This is what dignity, leadership and duty look like. Trump debased his office, disgraced the memories of fallen Americ…
0 Favorites 23009 Retweets
5d Ago
RT @BillKristol: In designating an Acting AG, the president has skipped over the Deputy AG (and other Senate-confirmed officials at DOJ) in…
0 Favorites 10558 Retweets
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