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2h Ago
RT @MeanProgress: The media MUST cover this!!! Many of the youngest children were sent to Bethany Christian Services. THIS IS AN ADOPTION…
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2h Ago
@MrsToniAnnBD @Sin__Dee @nypost There is a thread on my twitter account that has info.
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2h Ago
@YOSOYCORDOVA Hi, Natalie! There’s a thread on my Twitter with a number you can call and an email address.
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2h Ago
RT @PablogtzT47: EXCLUSIVE: @NYGovCuomo orders ALL NY agencies that received children from ICE to reveal their names, ages, the name of the…
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2h Ago
@kazweida @MichaelAvenatti @HMAesq Thank you. You inspire me daily, Kaz.
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2h Ago
RT @joncoopertweets: BREAKING: Alyssa Milano just demanded Trump’s resignation for separating refugee families at the border. Retweet if yo…
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2h Ago
RT @MichaelAvenatti: .@Alyssa_Milano is a mom and a true patriot. I am honored to be working with her in this effort, which we both feel so…
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4h Ago
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5h Ago
RT @donwinslow: Please RT IMAGES (and the outcry from those images) made @realDonaldTrump stop the separation of families so I am offerin…
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10h Ago
Can a 3-year old represent herself in immigration court? This judge thinks so.
3248 Favorites 2825 Retweets
12h Ago
This is unreal. Simply unbelievable.
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12h Ago
RT @cmclymer: Thrilled to announce that I'm partnering w/ @its_the_outrage, a woman-owned company that focuses on social justice, to produc…
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13h Ago
RT @kylegriffin1: Ted Lieu plays the ProPublica audio of crying children in detention centers on the House floor. Karen Handel, who was pr…
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13h Ago
For more information please contact Vorzimer Masserman, Fertility & Family Law Center (  Twitter:  @SpinDr Phone:  818.999.1950 email:
2411 Favorites 897 Retweets
13h Ago
Reuniting these children with their parents as quickly as possibly is our ultimate goal.
2674 Favorites 514 Retweets
13h Ago
We need to do everything we can to get these babies and children out of concentration camps and into loving homes where they can be cared for, given emotional support, receive medical treatment and psychological care while they await being reunited with their parents.
2663 Favorites 622 Retweets
13h Ago
We will help prepare temporary guardianship agreements that will permit those children held in internment camps to be released to family members or other guardians in the U.S. selected by the parents until their asylum status has been adjudicated.
2631 Favorites 643 Retweets
13h Ago
As well as @MichaelAvenatti and @HMAesq, I am joining forces with Vorzimer Masserman, Fertility & Family Law Center to help locate and reunite separated migrant families. (THREAD)
14053 Favorites 3971 Retweets
15h Ago
RT @morethanmySLE: The smile on my face reflects my good news today from my doctor @Dr_J_Schiff, the best urologist in New York. Wearing p…
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15h Ago
To @AsmMarkStone, @Cunning_Jordan, and the California Assembly Judiciary Committee: Vote #YesOnSB1249. Let’s pass the California Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act and ensure safe products for everyone!
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