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6h Ago
Interesting new feature. Leaving a voice-note for all the Rahul Gandhi fans. Check it out ☺️ ▶ 🔘──────── 00:57
291 Favorites 55 Retweets
10h Ago
Till the time, we see sexual harassment as bad behaviour instead of a crime, we won’t see any change in the behaviour of predators. They will abuse the laws to defy the laws.
785 Favorites 168 Retweets
11h Ago
Even though I stand with Vikas Mishra, I found some of the tweets marked to Sushma Swaraj, highly repulsive. You can criticise, you can disagree but abuse or insensitive comments about someone’s health are unacceptable. Make her accountable but please don’t get personal.
4833 Favorites 1433 Retweets
1d Ago
Sexual Harassment: Forgetting is difficult, remembering is worse.
2152 Favorites 299 Retweets
3d Ago
Vikas Mishra just did his job. It’s a shame that honest officers like him, will be afraid to follow the protocol in future cuz it takes just one lie of a Shadia Anas to ruin the career of a Mishra in this so-called secular country.
2853 Favorites 1884 Retweets
3d Ago
What wrong did Passport official, Vikas Mishra, do by asking Tanvi Seth who became Shadia Anas to marry a Muslim man, to endorse her real name? When her nikahnama states her new name, why should she use two identities? Why Hindu identity on passport when she is actually a Muslim?
5155 Favorites 2798 Retweets
3d Ago
It’s a shame that passport official, Mr. Vikas Mishra, has been transferred in a Tughlaqi style, based on the media trial instigated by an identity-faker. By doing this, the Govt is setting up a precedent that nobody should question Muslims. Are they above the law?
8103 Favorites 4521 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @AsYouNotWish: And Mashal’s husband, Yasin Malik, is a terrorist. He murdered unarmed Indian Airforce officials and later denounced arme…
0 Favorites 455 Retweets
3d Ago
And Mashal’s husband, Yasin Malik, is a terrorist. He murdered unarmed Indian Airforce officials and later denounced armed jihad to earn state’s mercy. This is nice, you Pakistani stooges keep yourself safe and brainwash the common Kashmiri youth into joining terrorist ranks.
1171 Favorites 455 Retweets
3d Ago
No, one country’s freedom-fighter is not always another’s country’s terrorist. Freedom fighters don’t kill innocent people cuz they worship idols. Freedom fighters fight for freedom & not for burqa, Shariah & free-bombings. They don’t ethnically cleanse a whole native population.
2161 Favorites 1034 Retweets
4d Ago
No, just as valuable as human. We consider “cow” as a holy animal. Deal with it or leave the country. There can’t be different rules for different people. Your kind must learn to coexist.
3982 Favorites 1357 Retweets
4d Ago
Never become, what you are fighting.
447 Favorites 66 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @manakgupta: 💔
0 Favorites 19 Retweets
4d Ago
I am feeling better now. Doctors referred my case to the Indian army without wasting any time. Guess, they have put me on Rashtriyariflicin.
958 Favorites 164 Retweets
4d Ago
Had some Pakistani popcorn yesterday, they started sloganeering inside my body and then I had a blast in my stomach.
1466 Favorites 212 Retweets
4d Ago
Yes, our common enemy is terrorism, looks like, yours is humanity.
801 Favorites 205 Retweets
4d Ago
447 Favorites 90 Retweets
4d Ago
यह मोहब्बत, है ज़रूरत, इसमें क्या खुदगरज़ियाँ।
596 Favorites 78 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @pb2410: @TarekFatah @AsYouNotWish @RubikaLiyaquat Can't say admire but haven't seen a lady as firey as Sonam.
0 Favorites 12 Retweets
4d Ago
Well, @TarekFatah and I are family. A democratic, argumentative family. We do have difference of opinion at times but most of the times, we are on the same page. We fight and unite, all in a matter of seconds 🤣 And then we continue to criticise, love and respect each other!
532 Favorites 97 Retweets
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