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1h Ago
RT @mrobbin55: @B52Malmet Fun fact: in response to trumpet's crap filled new "great white father" posing, the wait time for a "priority dat…
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1h Ago
Hey Betsy. 1. I officially welcome you joining your sisters in the #FCC. 2. #WhereAreTheGirls https://t.co/I0mnThai92
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1h Ago
RT @maryderrickart: @B52Malmet I think ALL TV stations should start replaying WWll documentaries, andstart educating these morons who want…
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1h Ago
RT @B52Malmet: Saturday night they release this “plan?” We demand every child snatched be given back. Looking at you Betsy DeVos. https://…
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1h Ago
RT @B52Malmet: #PrideNYC #SaturdayNight https://t.co/qZEopZ4h6b
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1h Ago
RT @CyrusToulabi: TODAY'S #PRIDEMONTH SPOTLIGHT! One of the GREATEST #RESISTERS in history: DANICA ROEM The first openly transgender per…
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1h Ago
RT @DemWrite: A reminder in these dark days that America did this, too. Let’s have the audacity to hope, but more importantly right now -…
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1h Ago
@BrienneOfSnark_ @OfficeGovEthics @RedHenLex Brilliant idea. Too bad ethics means less than zero in this most corrupt regime ever.
11 Favorites 2 Retweets
1h Ago
Oh yes. Let’s all do this. https://t.co/sUNcdEMM3z
61 Favorites 39 Retweets
1h Ago
RT @MalcolmNance: MUST READ: “Now, in the US ... the restraints are off. There even seems to be a macho thrill in breaking the taboo, in ec…
0 Favorites 5393 Retweets
1h Ago
@frontera_julie @TopRopeTravis @debbiesideris @CJPatruno @TrinityResists @NatCookResists @brycetache @JediMasterDre @TheSWPrincess @EzraBridger2018 @funder Each. Word. Counts. As a text-based artist, I am super tuned into the freight of a word. https://t.co/89R4Q9KR8m
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1h Ago
Shade. Or is it heat? https://t.co/BCnymZKONG
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1h Ago
@ChristieLafran1 I keep wondering if he had a hard on in every shot?
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1h Ago
@CarmoSteph @fuertecorazon Ivana will end up with her grandkids.
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1h Ago
When I went to see the Klarsfelds speak about their careers Nazi-hunting, they spoke about the current day’s rise in anti-semitism In France. I knew about some of it, but they painted a very grim picture. Now there’s a documentary about it. #Peintre https://t.co/Fz3jJBMXI5
44 Favorites 43 Retweets
1h Ago
Read This: "In Newtown, 8th Graders Prepare for the Next Tragedy" https://t.co/5rlwLpF8qJ
25 Favorites 13 Retweets
1h Ago
@fuertecorazon Posers with pretty pockets. They reportedly earned between 82-200 million dollars in 2017. That nepotism thing really pays off. They’ll need it for childcare when they both go to prison.
3 Favorites 2 Retweets
1h Ago
RT @MtnMD: @fuertecorazon @B52Malmet @Peintre And he is massing troops at the border. I'm not being hyperbolic, either.
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