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7h Ago
RT @chartdata: .@taylorswift13's 'Fearless' has now surpassed 600 million streams on Spotify.
0 Favorites 116 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @SInow: Houston is headed to the Sweet 16 for the first time since this guy was playing there
0 Favorites 211 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @MySportsUpdate: #Jets open to trading No. 3 pick and open to trading former first-round linebacker
0 Favorites 201 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Houston has 33 wins this season, its most in program history. The Cougars are in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1…
0 Favorites 101 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @TedyBruschi: There will never be another...
0 Favorites 662 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @NFL: “I fought a good fight, I’ve finished my football race, and after 18 years it’s time.” Peyton Manning's powerful retirement speec…
0 Favorites 633 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @NBA: ☔️ @StephenCurry30 (26 PTS, 5 3PM) and @KlayThompson (24 PTS, 4 3PM) combine for 50 in the @warriors win at Oracle Arena! #DubNati
0 Favorites 191 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @nflthrowback: Gronk was different. Goodbye to a great one. 💪 @RobGronkowski @Patriots
0 Favorites 6196 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @ESPNNBA: Bron dropped the no-look dime 😵
0 Favorites 212 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @CoachPitinoMN: Such a pleasure to coach @jordanmurphy24
0 Favorites 226 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @espnW: 29 points | 10 rebounds | 12 assists Sabrina showin' out 👏
0 Favorites 277 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @yourillus1onist: I can’t believe its 2019 & this still needs to be said, but: -rape jokes aren’t funny -homophobic jokes aren’t funny -…
0 Favorites 31 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @NBA: Steph Curry (26 PTS, 5 3PM) and Klay Thompson (24 PTS, 4 3PM) pace the @warriors home win against DET! #DubNation 121 #DetroitBas
0 Favorites 129 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @NBATV: Steph (26 PTS, 9 REB, 5 3PM) and Klay (24 PTS, 4 3PM) paced the @warriors tonight at Oracle! #DubNation
0 Favorites 118 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @Truman_Black: Shoutout again to the dad who stood at our show and just filmed his daughter having so much fun for 2 hours straight. Mas…
0 Favorites 7251 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @Ballislife:
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8h Ago
RT @Ballislife: Amazing story
0 Favorites 110 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @NBA: 48 PTS | 13 REB | 6 AST @aldridge_12 fuels the @spurs victory on the road in Boston! #GoSpursGo
0 Favorites 119 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @Ballislife: TJ Ford does the slip and slide then makes the assist to MVP Eddy Curry during the 2001 McDonalds All-American Game. Ford…
0 Favorites 65 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @NBATV: No-look LeBron. 🔥 #LakeShow
0 Favorites 213 Retweets
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