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1d Ago
RT @mims_words: One way to support #SmallBusiness is to support #indieauthors What you support indie authors you put food on their table!…
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5d Ago
@laallbright Cute tweet.
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16h Ago
RT @writerkmc: An author's debut year is hard for many reasons, but especially because first books are often the book of your heart. You cr…
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5w Ago
We couldn’t agree more. Looking to pick the next book. Fraulein M. will be hard to follow.
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6w Ago
Don't miss this! The kindle version of Fraulein M, possibly our favorite read ever, is onsale for $1.99 Yes, it's that good! #BookReview @Carocour
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9w Ago
@Carocour thx for recommending #SomeGirlsSomeHatsandHitler by #IrmgardKeun. We love it! #amreading #memoir #WWII #vienna #history #bookclub
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11w Ago
Great idea @TalbotsOfficial
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11w Ago
Our favorite airport book store. #supportindependentbookstores @barbarasbooks
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11w Ago
@smellygbookworm Try Fraulein M. by Caroline Woods Definitely a book club favorite for us.
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11w Ago
@Carocour Great! Thank you very much. Everyone will be so excited!
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12w Ago
@Carocour @Carocour we have already met to discuss the book, but we decided we would still love to skype with you at our next session. We have questions about transgender rights in pre-WWII Germany and were intrigued by the relevance to today.
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12w Ago
We were blown away by #FrauleinM. Most entertaining book so far! Captivating read about orphaned sisters on opposite sides of political spectrum pre-WWII Germany. #Pageturner but also relevant to our times. Just WOW! @Carocour #BookClub
7 Favorites 2 Retweets
12w Ago
RT @adamlea2: Let’s take a moment to honor this beautiful, strong woman; Meghan Markle’s Mother, Doria Ragland, who sat alone, a million mi…
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12w Ago
Too cute!
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12w Ago
We totally enjoyed #TheOtherAlcott As longtime fans of Little Women, we just couldn't resist. Great for #BookClub discussions. This book is well researched and depicts the struggles women of the 1870s faced trying to prusue their dreams. @EliseHooper
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13w Ago
RT @BNValleyView: @BookClubofNYC @TheGillianFlynn Absolutely a great book! But you can also go to: Purchase the boo…
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13w Ago
Was #GoneGirl unrealistic? Yup. Did we LOVE it? Yup. Sometimes you just want to be entertained! #Thebookisbetterthanthemovie 5 stars for this suspenseful page-turner. #suspense @TheGillianFlynn #PerfectBeachRead
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16w Ago
RT @SignatureReads: Better Late Than Never: 11 Books You Might Have Missed in 2017 (But Should Totally Read), via @OffTheShelf: https://t.c…
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16w Ago
RT @cachet_allen: 📚World Book Day...This is a great day to CELEBRATE BOOKS📚 . To all the writers who educate,…
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16w Ago
RT @thelaceylondon: Who's with me? #amwriting #amreading #WorldBookDay2018
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