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15w Ago
RT @lanstead777: Death of Knoxville fire captain's son ignites debate over illegal immigration via @knoxnews
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15w Ago
RT @gbroh10: Congress should not be paid until a deal is reached. #DemocratsHateAmericans President works for free, Military & Feds no pa…
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15w Ago
RT @KimberlyMrsRR1: ❤️🇺🇸 🇺🇸 #MyHouseMyAmerica In Memoriam❗️ 12 Americans Allegedly Killed by Illegal Aliens in 2017-2018 RIP TRUE AMERI…
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15w Ago
@Thomas1774Paine Harry was injured over the holidays while manning a glory hole for the homeless...
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15w Ago
RT @Redtowel4: Best of 2018: Best man-bun pummel courtesy of gramps who still has “it”. #boxerforlife
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15w Ago
RT @DAlLYKlTTEN: I think this cat may be broken
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15w Ago
RT @Education4Libs: Happy New Years Eve to everybody who made 2018 a year I will never forget! I would like to wish each of you a happy, h…
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15w Ago
RT @ShannonBream: Happy New Year from the Breams! Here’s to less worry, striving and nonsense - and more time with friends and family, tim…
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15w Ago
RT @V_actually: He scared himself😂
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15w Ago
@PhilMcCrackin44 @kathygriffin @CNN
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16w Ago
RT @LadyRedWave: THIS is GOOD News! #China has opened the door to imports of rice from the US for the first time ever ahead of Trade Talks…
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16w Ago
RT @V_actually: I feel like this dog will gladly take a bullet for his owner. If humans mirrored their behavior after dogs, this world wou…
0 Favorites 2072 Retweets
16w Ago
RT @SarahPalinUSA: AWFUL: Triple Amputee Vet Who Started GoFundMe for Wall Reveals His Young Children Are Now Getting Death Threats from Le…
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16w Ago
RT @Education4Libs: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf says she has “no regrets” after helping 800 illegal aliens evade an ICE raid. Wow.... This…
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16w Ago
RT @bud_cann: Barrack Obama leaned over and asked Melania Trump, “ how could you have married that man?” To which the First Lady responded…
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16w Ago
RT @david_d1421: Twitter Suspends Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto for Pointing Out Obama Did Not Actually Kill Bin Laden | Breitbart twitter-sus…
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16w Ago
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