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1d Ago
In our latest #LoveOurGirls newsletter, we continue focusing on heroic women with one of my inspirations, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai. Through the act of planting trees, she proved how the little things we do can make an incredible difference. https://t.co/VpfR1EWMVx https://t.co/wiMLhvoeHz
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4d Ago
I'd love all women and girls to experience how powerful our bodies are. Thank you @WomensHealthMag and @LizPlosser! Loved this shoot. So great to talk about feminine strength and self care. https://t.co/tAlq97IgLg #WHStrong https://t.co/czhW11IOBz
17108 Favorites 4428 Retweets
5w Ago
Couple more from my June 2018 cover feature with @Ebonymag. On stands May 24! 💞 Photography: #DennisLeupold Creative Director: #CourtneyWalter Link: https://t.co/9cJfK42B3g https://t.co/kmrDHiFG6T
10082 Favorites 2325 Retweets
5w Ago
Growing up at a time you often didn’t see yourself represented in popular media, #EbonyMagazine was always that source of edification celebrating Black voices, history, and achievements. Really enjoyed shooting this cover and sharing my story with them. Thanks so much @Ebonymag! https://t.co/Ok8rbcrXff
17271 Favorites 5200 Retweets
5w Ago
It's all 'STEM & Sisterhood' in May’s LOG newsletter. Who better to pen the intro than @LetitiaWright, #Shuri herself! Learn about our Featured Organization @BlackGirlsCode & the incredible things they’re doing to inspire girls to change the tech game. https://t.co/w9nLfqbjR7 https://t.co/O82sxSdh6o
1907 Favorites 514 Retweets
7w Ago
Your Okoye... My Okoye... Think Ima leave the artwork to you guys. Wonderful piece @siickslack! #Okoye #Kimmel #FanArtFriday https://t.co/zrfYY6RiMZ
13581 Favorites 2466 Retweets
7w Ago
RT @usatodaylife: Check out an exclusive #BlackPanther deleted scene featuring a heated confrontation between married(!!!) couple Okoye (@D…
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8w Ago
Guardians, Wakandans, the Wasp, and more. Had an amazing time celebrating @Avengers: #InfinityWar with the #MCU fam. We hit theaters in two days! #pomklementieff #evangelinelilly #chrispratt #angelabassett #winstonduke #sebastianstan #laurencefishburne https://t.co/0xAaBwLmmV
8773 Favorites 1646 Retweets
8w Ago
Super excited! https://t.co/8Zjvm4cagc
4902 Favorites 480 Retweets
8w Ago
Last night! @Avengers: #InfinityWar World Premiere https://t.co/YswNErNdGU
51654 Favorites 10091 Retweets
9w Ago
April’s #LoveOurGirls newsletter celebrates #Hedgebrook, a women’s writer’s retreat that beautifully nurtures what its tagline - “Women Authoring Change” –promotes. Grateful for this space where writers gather to enrich one another & find their voices: https://t.co/m4n6oIZu0x. https://t.co/49FZT0rlHo
1131 Favorites 195 Retweets
10w Ago
RT @MarvelStudios: Experience the worldwide phenomenon. Be the first to bring home Marvel Studios’ @theblackpanther on Digital, #MoviesAnyw
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11w Ago
.@Avengers: #InfinityWar #Okoye https://t.co/mBuUamAXgj
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12w Ago
RT @BBCAfrica: For more than a month, we heard nothing from the 110 girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in the Nigerian town of Dapchi.…
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13w Ago
More men are starting to speak out in favor of gender equality & acknowledge female contributions to society. In our #WomensHistoryMonth themed #LoveOurGirls newsletter, #RyanCoogler, @Paul_Bettany & others reflect on who has inspired them the most: https://t.co/dnRS2JLA1J https://t.co/VBB36mkOSZ
3071 Favorites 707 Retweets
13w Ago
RT @ONECampaign: Technology has the power to change lives. https://t.co/mUxFZE1dFm
0 Favorites 108 Retweets
14w Ago
This #WomensHistoryMonth I wanted to give the floor to men who wished to share who their favorite women in history are, and why. Let’s celebrate some of the women whose powerful legacies have affected the lives of men in our March #LoveOurGirls newsletter: https://t.co/dnRS2JLA1J https://t.co/ERyKuLP8hH
4028 Favorites 908 Retweets
14w Ago
Nice cover story @prattprattpratt, but you still owe me for the vanilla chai latte... https://t.co/NEw1lOxXcc
8838 Favorites 897 Retweets
14w Ago
#InfinityWar @EW on newsstands now https://t.co/2hWrEllsmX
15885 Favorites 2653 Retweets
15w Ago
Okoye x The Oscars. Love it!! #FanArtFriday #BlackPanther #Oscars2018. By Sonja Paunovic https://t.co/wMZQ9GPO6Z
19933 Favorites 4154 Retweets
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