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2w Ago
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5w Ago
Ride along with in Texas on a driverless demonstration! Check out our Medium post to learn more and watch the full video:
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5w Ago
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5w Ago
RT @voxdotcom: A limited, controlled experiment with self-driving cars in Texas shows how autonomous vehicles could catch on…
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6w Ago
RT @FPDShilson: Took a ride in a driverless vehicle today thanks to @driveai_ - Transportation Innovation has arrived in #Frisco @FriscoPD
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6w Ago
Check out highlights from the announcement of our #selfdrivingcar #ondemand pilot in @CityOfFriscoTx. You can learn more about our pilot at
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6w Ago
RT @kirstenkorosec: This is a big move for @driveai_ and @andrewng Company is launching a self-driving car service in Frisco, Texas. Geofe…
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6w Ago
RT @AndrewYNg: After decades of anticipation, practical self-driving cars are here. @driveai_ will deploy a self-driving car service for pu…
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6w Ago
The #selfdriving car is here. In July, will begin an on-demand self-driving vehicle pilot in @CityofFriscoTX. Learn more in our Medium post:
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9w Ago
We are proud to be a Fast Company 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards Finalist! #WCIAwards
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10w Ago
Happy third birthday @driveai_ ! Our founders marked the occasion at our headquarters with remarks about our exciting accomplishments so far and the big year ahead.
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18w Ago
Interested in how we build the software brain of self-driving car?s Check out engineer Gahl Levy talking about's approach in this video from @awscloud:
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19w Ago
RT @robot_MD: The future is female! (Some of) the women of @driveai_
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20w Ago
Early peek at our first ever Autonomous Vehicle report (including miles driven). Check it out!
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21w Ago
RT @AndrewYNg: If you want to ride a horse, you go to a horse ranch. With the rise of self-driving, will there be "car ranches" for people…
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21w Ago
In honor of hitting 2.5k followers, here is another picture of our newest #SelfDrivingCar. What cities do you want to see vehicles in next?
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21w Ago
Our new #selfdriving vans coming soon to a city near you
36 Favorites 6 Retweets
22w Ago
We're excited to be part of @CNNTech's story about the future of autonomous vehicles!
5 Favorites 4 Retweets
22w Ago
Huge thank you to Carol @robot_md who helped launch’s amazing team and technology! Thrilled we will continue to benefit from your leadership on our Board of Directors and as an advisor. Best of luck with your next robot and AI adventures!
7 Favorites 4 Retweets
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