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48w Ago
This year continues to be equally surreal and amazing. Watch out for this one, me and Lisa have… https://t.co/fNL3aOdkQ4
33961 Favorites 5375 Retweets
48w Ago
Just posted a photo https://t.co/2iJDDGH7bc
26388 Favorites 3994 Retweets
48w Ago
First time @itsbennyblanco has seen an episode, here's his review https://t.co/yKwpjetrL4
20312 Favorites 2837 Retweets
48w Ago
Throwback to the time I was a Lannister https://t.co/QEt6TiexbA
40839 Favorites 10673 Retweets
48w Ago
Sunday = cat picture. Also, watch Game of Thrones tonight x https://t.co/YG31hfqieH
27407 Favorites 4510 Retweets
48w Ago
Mohegan sun night #2 ! https://t.co/QC5xOkno1Z
16364 Favorites 2148 Retweets
48w Ago
Filming something cool with @jamielawsonuk and jamesblunt today https://t.co/6W31sFaXRj
18700 Favorites 2759 Retweets
48w Ago
Mohegan Sun ! https://t.co/vMpCqZucct
18566 Favorites 2452 Retweets
48w Ago
Ur a long way from howum now seabiscuit buh https://t.co/CTZp9Mmo5T
19131 Favorites 2682 Retweets
48w Ago
Philly night #2 ! https://t.co/pMqO9pBqYs
18173 Favorites 2546 Retweets
49w Ago
Philly night #1 ! https://t.co/0lZxTEjOkb
19501 Favorites 2761 Retweets
49w Ago
More stadium dates going up tomorrow in Europe too, as pretty much all of that has gone too.… https://t.co/itFgkPXjrq
22659 Favorites 3666 Retweets
49w Ago
More uk stadiums announced, this is bonkers x https://t.co/YzscG67TeJ
19819 Favorites 2800 Retweets
49w Ago
Buffalo ! https://t.co/S4OWtVsRDW
19012 Favorites 2958 Retweets
49w Ago
Toronto night #2 ! https://t.co/eWbN8CyHUf
19927 Favorites 2636 Retweets
49w Ago
UK stadium tour sold out this morning so we are adding more dates due to overwhelming demand,… https://t.co/FIyjKl0XRv
27967 Favorites 4332 Retweets
49w Ago
Toronto night #1 ! https://t.co/LVNbmTdzjm
21375 Favorites 2954 Retweets
49w Ago
Q magazine is out now. Also loads of Hoo-har about me quitting stuff. I haven't quit anything,… https://t.co/pZqrifrFiW
25795 Favorites 4263 Retweets
50w Ago
Reppin' on July 4th https://t.co/MLLty4u2Xa
24772 Favorites 3699 Retweets
50w Ago
Sunday Funday #giveitsomewelly https://t.co/TbboZhfAK2
20218 Favorites 2910 Retweets
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