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1d Ago
Advancing women’s equality could add between $12-28 trillion to global GDP by 2025. With our new #GenderStrategy and Action Plan, we aim to apply gender lens to all our activities. https://t.co/WO2sceYki2 https://t.co/qxs8qGh6Ep
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1d Ago
RT @EU_Commission: EU funding will support a Nordlink interconnector with a €100 million @EIB investment in @TenneT_DE The 624-km electrici…
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1d Ago
RT @euidanmark: EIB fornyer støtten til Københavns Lufthavn - Finansieringen vil bl.a. blive anvendt til at øge kapaciteten for passagerne…
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1d Ago
#ArtificialIntelligence will soon have an impact on jobs. Here's how European policymakers can reject doomsayers and create a workforce equipped for a new technological age of work - EIB essay by @RobAtkinsonITIF https://t.co/EIPUo2hzZY https://t.co/bttNEcSTPN
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1d Ago
@KeepUKtogether @ScotGovEurope @transcotland @scotgoveconomy @ScotlandHouseEU @Feorlean @BenMacpherson It's not quite as you say. The EIB is owned by the Member States directly, not the EU as such. Also, it funds itself on the capital market through bond issues. Thus, other than the capital that the UK paid-in when they joined in 1975, there is no tax money invloved here.
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1d Ago
We just signed a loan agreement with @CPHAirports for their further development. Onwards to 40 million passengers per year! https://t.co/tEgcd3HApJ
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1d Ago
We are not only focusing on large infrastructure projects but also on the population. This is why we have been active in social housing projects since 2000. See the video to hear one of our social housing experts explaining our investment strategy. https://t.co/xbY2sbz6lK
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2d Ago
ELENA is a joint initiative by the EIB and the @EU_Commission supporting entities pursuing projects in #energyefficiency, #renewables and #UrbanMobility. Every year €20 million is available to fund projects. Here is how to apply: https://t.co/tjZBVZXzBm https://t.co/9sKfbxaSVn
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2d Ago
Renewable energy comes from the forces of nature - sun, water, air and earth. Watch how green energy projects in four continents, supported by the EU bank, are paving the way towards a more sustainable future. https://t.co/P9ow3rCY7V
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2d Ago
The largest #SolarEnergy complex in the world, visible from space, is taking shape in Morocco. Once completed, it will provide electricity for more than 1 million people, and save at least 730,000 tonnes of #CarbonEmissions a year. https://t.co/VKAasbpu5B https://t.co/ObbuEtAUg4
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3d Ago
#CSI for bankers: How do banks track possible fraud? Take a look inside bank fraud investigations with A Dictionary of Finance #podcast https://t.co/IuOpJ9K4Ap https://t.co/rLfguOZpUK
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4d Ago
On holidays near a seaport? A lot of these ports looked pretty bad in the 1980s. We helped give many post-industrial cities a new life by converting them into smart and #greencities. Read about the transformation of Cardiff in our new free #ebook 👉 https://t.co/3rwuJeSQxB #EIB60 https://t.co/tPYwguosNO
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5d Ago
€30m #EFSI loan to support @bavariannordic's vaccine production ➡️'It will reinforce European life science business and contribute to the European Security Initiative in defending against potential bioterrorism threats' says VP @alexstubb https://t.co/EdG5ZenV7x 🇪🇺🇩🇰 https://t.co/H4CT6zhf5I
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5d Ago
What does a country in good health look like? Every year millions of people in the developing world do not have access to basic services or face catastrophic expenses paying for surgery. Discover how we can change it! Because #health is wealth! https://t.co/jqvpZjbBlI https://t.co/3KRpOw6jk9
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5d Ago
RT @tcddublin: The @EIB is celebrating its 60th anniversary #EIB60. The @EIB has supported many projects including the development of the @…
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6d Ago
Think of all the major projects that improve our lives – social housing, hospitals, public transport, high-speed Internet, schools, elderly care. All these projects started as an idea. How did the #AdvisoryHub help projects across the #EU see the light? 👉 https://t.co/mOsL9Ki4Bu https://t.co/7I4ex0Gsjg
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6d Ago
In Ireland, 1000 researchers at the Biomedical Sciences Institute at @tcddublin are supporting scientific discoveries in immunology, neuroscience and cancer. Discover how this and other EIB projects have been improving lives in #Ireland since 1973 #EIB60 🇮🇪 https://t.co/jIrfFOaqv4
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4h Ago
Through ELENA, our joint initiative with @EU_Commission, we are supporting the @House_of_Energy in helping District Heating Companies in #Denmark to invest in #RenewableEnergy to keep heat tariffs controlled & decrease #CO2 emissions by 40 kiloton a year https://t.co/o5M6tHMHGm https://t.co/tnPABPegVl
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5h Ago
🏪 Are you an #SME or mid-cap looking for finance? We support innovative businesses who often do not have access to finance because their projects deal with complex products and technologies. Check out your possibilities here: https://t.co/x7OT9jHmWt https://t.co/gVwse0qOli
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8h Ago
Good news for #SMEs in #Spain 🇪🇸 EIB and @bankia provide a €150m credit line to Spanish SMEs to help them access long-term funding enabling them to become more competitive and create jobs https://t.co/6IsKBsuhyI https://t.co/sGqMwtAroO
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