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RT @ArtsyBits: Today’s artwork #ALDUBADNsHappiness
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2h Ago
RT @jenasis818: A's IGS #ALDUBADNsHappiness
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3h Ago
RT @PagesInBetween: HAPPINESS is ALWAYS an inside job 😃💚 #ALDUBADNsHappiness
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3h Ago
RT @AldenOfficial: Alden's walk of fame, his stars shining the brightest. ⭐ #AOSpotlight
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3h Ago
RT @chefylulu: Matic na pag nag grocery Checking the stocks kung meron pang @magnolia_icph Thank you @Talpog For everything #ALDUBADNsHa
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3h Ago
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4h Ago
RT @Cookies_PB: Ang sarap ng holiday season dahil kasama natin ang mga mahal natin sa buhay and this is also the perfect time to make them…
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4h Ago
RT @thirdyisagirl: Favorite Love Team. Ang layo natin. 😳 Patulan natin ‘to, please. 😅 Competitive ako. 😂 Vote here:…
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4h Ago
RT @RichmaineMf: @ADNTimeless memories with @mainedcm & @aldenrichards02, @R_FAULKERSoN and ADN 💚 See you all again on Sunday, November 25…
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4h Ago
RT @ADNTimeless: See you in 5 days, @mainedcm, @aldenrichards02 and ADN 💚 Baka naman pwede nang i-post yang selfie na yan. 😊 #ALDUBADNsHa
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5h Ago
RT @HeyyAndie: Few more days before @ADNChristmas! Have you secured your slot yet? Let’s take a look back on what happened last year 🤗 #…
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5h Ago
@maichard_xoxo @aldenrichards02 You're welcome, Mikay! Happy for you! 😘
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5h Ago
RT @ferijen_13: yep, will never stop shipping you two until this day happens... #ALDUBStaysForever
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5h Ago
RT @Showbiz_Polls: STATION ID POLL: ABS-CBN & GMA Network have dropped its 2018 christmas station IDs. The two networks' station IDs have r…
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5h Ago
RT @alden_events: Infinitum is thankful for the invite, Sir Elmer @Talpog We promise to stay, to give back, and to pay it forward. See…
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5h Ago
RT @tikisoka: Oh So tattoo pala un... Akala ko cute na balat or something hahahaha #ALDUBADNsHappiness
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5h Ago
@naymeg8 🤣😅Additional Rogelios please!
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