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2d Ago
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3d Ago
RT @hoodqueer: only $2,615 more is needed for the Tamir Rice Afrocentric Center in Cleveland to meet its funding goal! share with your weal…
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3d Ago
RT @FrancoDang: Black Don’t Crack Dis Nigga Still Look Young Af
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3d Ago
RT @MareOT7: lmaoo beyoncé just released a new album randomly rip anyone else trying to make it on the charts thank god bts came back last…
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3d Ago
RT @bitchgasms: 20/20 vision please! Clear skin please! Money please! Good grades please! 20/20 vision please! Clear skin please! Money pl…
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3d Ago
RT @METlCHE: for anyone watching the Incredibles 2!!
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3d Ago
RT @onikallah: only doing this because today is a really important day ok
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3d Ago
RT @TravisAllen02: Whatever you do, please DO NOT retweet or like this video. Trump hates it and screamed at CNN about it. We would NOT w…
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3d Ago
RT @alliemarguerite: For any girl struggle with anything, read what my father sent me this morning.
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3d Ago
RT @jeoncrack: i feel like some people haven't seen this yet and that should be fixed
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3d Ago
RT @RyanSesselman: She’s tough. But she’s worth it
0 Favorites 1090997 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @naaaaaautica: yall im really just trying to help save my mom’s life.. and im doing it completely alone, even if you cant donate please…
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3d Ago
RT @GlorylinSalas: but can we just talk about how the filming looks so old and vintage??🤧 and that countdown in the top right corner for th…
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3d Ago
RT @sarahmcgbeauty: Fun fact: when you fly internationally, IcelandAir allows you to extend your layover in Iceland for up to a week for no…
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3d Ago
RT @Jrake_17: I swear to god I ain’t taking no more chances I’m rt this bitch for mf GOOD luck
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3d Ago
RT @jarevalo527: If ANYBODY spoils Incredibles 2 on the tl ya moms a hoe and ya dads a lil bitch
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3d Ago
RT @N_Mrozek: IHOB= I - It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you. There's nothing that a H - Hundred men O - Or more could ever do…
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5d Ago
i think 5sos needed those years to make this album because it totally fits their new pokemon evolution as a band
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5d Ago
RT @KevSithole: No one know what it means, but it's provocative
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2w Ago
RT @max_walton_: Jonas Brothers recorded “Year 3000” in 2006, and the main explanation for a society underwater is global warming. However,…
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