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2w Ago
@megangilbertson @heatheranng8 But this actually looks like you megan
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7w Ago
RT @BuffaloSabres: Welcome back, @cNelly8! We've signed defenseman Casey Nelson to a two-year contract.
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9w Ago
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14w Ago
RT @HornyFacts: being married someday gonna be lit like you get to come home to yo bestfriend every single day & just do life together unti…
0 Favorites 4840 Retweets
15w Ago
@megangilbertson @heatheranng8 Cat tail tacos 🌮
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16w Ago
RT @PrayInFaith: Thank you God, not only for all the blessings, but for the frustrations which have helped me become a better person.
0 Favorites 801 Retweets
16w Ago
RT @EverythinginMN: 13 of the 36 U.S. athletes involved in winning gold medals are from Minnesota. 13 of 24 Minnesotans who went to the O…
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16w Ago
RT @Saintly_Life: Always try your best, even if you fail keep trying. God sees your work, your passion and persistence.
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17w Ago
RT @ItsReginaG: rt to bless someone’s timeline
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17w Ago
RT @rachel_wangen: I talk to God about you
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18w Ago
RT @BHCdotcom: That's Casey Nelson's first NHL goal!! #Sabres #GoAvsGo
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18w Ago
RT @BuffaloSabres: 1st @NHL goal for Casey Nelson! Another shorty. 3-2 Avs | 6:45 left in the 2nd
0 Favorites 41 Retweets
18w Ago
RT @mollykkestner: Dear 15 yr old me, I know you're scared of dating cuz you're afraid of getting your heart broken..& you will..& it will…
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19w Ago
RT @BuffNewsVogl: Casey Nelson replaced Rasmus Ristolainen on the Sabres’ shutdown pair. His reward? John Tavares. His result? “He was one…
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19w Ago
Just really proud of him ❤️
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20w Ago
RT @lianamarie9: Looking back on your former self like
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20w Ago
RT @washingtonpost: A teenager dying of cancer had a final wish: To marry his childhood sweetheart
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