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10h Ago
Think you’re seeing double? GMO crops and their non-GMO counterparts are nutritionally equivalent (unless additional nutrients are intentionally added).
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1d Ago
RT @thebolden: Math don’t lie
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1d Ago
RT @AltheaRD: Throwing too much #food away? Here are some good tips to reduce waste AND help the #environment.
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1d Ago
Not to hit you w/ a lot of numbers but ... 1 GMO 🌿 (on average) takes 13 years & $130M of research & development before hitting the stores. 75+ studies, 90+ gov't bodies review. 0 cases of illnesses have resulted from eating GMOs. Get 2 know GMOs.
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4d Ago
#DYK: In 1977, Dr. Mary-Dell Chilton discovered that bacteria growth forming on many different species was the result of small DNA transfers – pioneering GMO development.
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4d Ago
RT @FoodInsight: Our top 3 things are: A large body of peer-reviewed science indicates GMO foods are not harmful to health, GMO foods are j…
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4d Ago
RT @LeafyEricScott: @GMOAnswers 1. GMO isn't a thing, it's a collection of breeding methods. 2. Creating GMOs is more precise than "convent…
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4d Ago
If we want to tackle #foodwaste head on we need to address what's missing from the conversation: GMOs.
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4d Ago
📚 Have you ever taught students about GMOs? What are the top 3⃣ things they should know?
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4d Ago
RT @MrHamilton47: Thank you @Ohiosoycouncil for stopping by to teach the kids about GMOs, selective breeding, and agricultural advocacy! #P…
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5d Ago
MYTH: Farmers drench their GMO crops with pesticides. FACT: A typical GMO soybean application is a little less than 2 soda cans per acre.
10 Favorites 6 Retweets
5d Ago
POLL: Should 📚 education about how our food is 🌿grown & raised – and the science behind GMOs be a part of grade-school and college curriculums?
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5d Ago
A Nutritionist Reflects on the Sad State of Health Education About GMOs and Farming at Schools & Universities.
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6d Ago
✅ Here’s another tip: Try stocking your pantry with GMOs like non-browning 🍏apples & 🥔 potatoes, which have less bruising and fewer spots and can help reduce the amount of food discarded every day.
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6d Ago
How can GMOs improve the air quality? We break it down here:
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8h Ago
Reduced food waste and medicines like insulin might be some of the ways you benefit from GMOs day to day. But that's not all:
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9h Ago
“While more and more shoppers are trying to make informed and smart decisions for themselves and their families, misleading labels make that increasingly difficult to do.” Check out GMO Answers expert @FarmDaughterUSA’s take on GMO misinformation:
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1w Ago
MYTH: This is what farmers who grow GMOs look like. FACT: Most ‘clean suit’ photos of farmers online are stock images.
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1w Ago
When it comes to #biodiversity and #productivity, GM agriculture has performed better than its non-GM counterpart for the last 20 years.
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1w Ago
RT @BrianNormoyle: @elizaskinner For that matter, GMOs are just fine too.
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