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20h Ago
Oh look, "The Most Unknown" was reviewed in a bona fide, peer-reviewed journal (@ScienceMagazine), so I guess now has a DOI? Does that make @IanCheney a published researcher? Hope so...
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3w Ago
RT @ScienceSandbox: 'The Most Unknown' was just called "the most intelligent documentary of 2018" by the @EastBayExpress. Read the full rev…
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4w Ago
@LandmarkLTC @KendallCinema Ah thanks. I was looking for that. The LandmarkLTC handle links out from the top of what I thought was the Kendall site.
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4w Ago
Boston! "The Most Unknown" plays in Cambridge next week (June 26) for a special one-night-only affair! At the incredible @LandmarkLTC Kendall Sq, w/ filmmakers present. Tickets:
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5w Ago
RT @ScienceSandbox: New from @Radiolab - a miniseries on reproduction, produced by Molly Webster and supported by Science Sandbox, called "…
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5w Ago
@derektmead Or was it a fracas? Some reports saying it may have been more of a hubbub or even a brouhaha. Rumors that it was in fact a "hullabaloo" still unconfirmed.
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6w Ago
RT @seanieviola: Get in loser we're going crying.
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8w Ago
RT @sundanceorg: Apply by 6/30 to the Symbiosis Competition, which pairs Filmmakers and Scientists to create their short science film in #N…
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8w Ago
RT @bgreene: Opening today in NYC: "The Most Unknown" -- a new film, well-described as a love letter to science and the pursuit of discover…
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9w Ago
If Dan says it's great?
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10w Ago
RT @Open_Notebook: We have great news! @Open_Notebook has gotten a $150K grant (over two years) from @ScienceSandbox, an initiative of the…
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10w Ago
@lukejustinmckay @tinylifeform @AbanSonia @imphatic Yep! Santa Monica May 25, and then LA Laemmle Royal next month. Some more listings TBC, but all tracked here as they confirm:
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10w Ago
@samillingworth Thank you Sam! It will be released globally by @Netflix in August which (I think) still includes the UK : )
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13w Ago
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13w Ago
@SylviaLeatham Yes! 190 countries, including Ireland
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13w Ago
Our co-production with @VICE/@Motherboard hits theaters + @Netflix soon!
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18w Ago
“Speak up. Talk clearly and forcefully in public. Be a nuisance where it counts" - Marjory Stoneman Douglas wrote in a 1980 journal article.
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19w Ago
RT @ScienceSandbox: Science Sandbox partners @GuerillaScience @guerilla_mark will be at @SXSW next week talking "Science, Society, and Ethi…
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20w Ago
“This is as much about reinventing the culture of nightlife as it is about academics.” @BenLillie talks about his new baby @caveatnyc with @ScienceSandbox:
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20w Ago
"Donald Trump, who has previously expressed a fear of sharks, blood, stairs, watching prostitutes urinate, collecting rent in Cincinnati &... bald eagle named Uncle Sam, said that an officer who did not intervene in the Parkland shooting was a "coward" 👏🏼 bravo @joekloc BRAVO
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