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1h Ago
@byulbivixx yeah rumors said she's even more badass than dodo
2 Favorites 1 Retweets
2h Ago
@OfficialMonstaX 고마어 현우야.....💗 https://t.co/NYvr26pfM1
123 Favorites 8 Retweets
3h Ago
RT @im_jaebong: minhyuk looking at the driver with daggers djfjdjs bitch he’ll kill u https://t.co/SuELeSZQ5d
0 Favorites 20 Retweets
3h Ago
@im_jaebong he really looks like he was cursing inside im yelling
8 Favorites 0 Retweets
6h Ago
omg god bless starship i was worried for the group congrats to them both!! https://t.co/0nEiZ3f6pE
139 Favorites 35 Retweets
11h Ago
the way hyungwon rest his arm on kihyun's shoulder laughing 💚 the way jooheon take care of changkyun 💙 https://t.co/Amgf86WaaX
1186 Favorites 594 Retweets
11h Ago
RT @Hoxication1006: 180623 THE CONNECT IN MADRID #몬스타엑스 #주헌 #JOOHEON @OfficialMonstaX https://t.co/lkqrbFSTfx
0 Favorites 641 Retweets
18h Ago
@kihyunedaf__ YUP!! kfans call this hair 깐머리 so it's always 깐(name) 😊
3 Favorites 1 Retweets
18h Ago
this is called the unbeatable kihyun look https://t.co/hn4hLbrdBo
846 Favorites 351 Retweets
19h Ago
who is your bias 😂
317 Favorites 153 Retweets
19h Ago
RT @MINHYUK_gif: 180623 몬채널 EP.97 2017 MAMA in Japan part.2 #민혁 #이민혁 #몬스타엑스 #MINHYUK #MONSTA_X https://t.co/4cy9SsjSQK 사랑둥이야💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗…
0 Favorites 391 Retweets
21h Ago
" 원호 너, 그자체로 멋있어 " https://t.co/L4etzmQut3
288 Favorites 113 Retweets
21h Ago
about MAMA 2017 Wonho: I was kind of upset because during practice- Minhyuk: NO WONHO IS SO COOL WONHO IS THE BEST WH: during rehearsal I gave all my energy so my muscles came out great but (during real stage) it didnt came out well MH: Wonho you yourself is already cool 💕 https://t.co/EHvCSP1J4C
2103 Favorites 1156 Retweets
22h Ago
Wonho (talking to himself): what is that why does it look so delicious? no Hoseok ah no Wonho ya you should not eat it cutie eat whatever you want ㅠ🐰 https://t.co/r3u1xELZaT
1349 Favorites 680 Retweets
22h Ago
Minhyuk pulled Wonho who didnt noticed a car passing by MH: be careful!! are you okay? WH: yes 😁 https://t.co/uGJPyO1agU
2667 Favorites 1340 Retweets
23h Ago
@kkukungie__ not yet announced with the two other queens
38 Favorites 2 Retweets
23h Ago
@shownuruinsme dodo may look badass but she actually loves yeojoo the rumors are false said kim shidae
32 Favorites 5 Retweets
23h Ago
Starship new girl group 2018 Lee Minji - vocal visual vitamin Chae Dodo - model vocal dancer visual Yoo Yeojoo - main vocal visual Lee Wonhee - maknae vocal dancer visual https://t.co/YigncEv451
3616 Favorites 2727 Retweets
1d Ago
here is 11 seconds just Wonho being a cutie screaming " faster faster im trembling " non stop https://t.co/CA8TTcYUV0
1425 Favorites 790 Retweets
1d Ago
Kihyun: ??? Wonho: ?????????? lmao I am more confused https://t.co/jtIdLtOxaD
1541 Favorites 843 Retweets
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