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6h Ago
@melissafumero @thelonelyisland @nbcbrooklyn99 Man it’s a great photo tho
2835 Favorites 31 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @bethica19: I’m sorry but Cam looks like Commander Waterford from The Handmaids Tale #TheBachelorette https://t.co/Brzik3g4DH
0 Favorites 224 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @a_herridge_02: my greatest joy in life is when the bachelorette starts back up and I get to watch @iamstephbeatz commentary of it witho…
0 Favorites 24 Retweets
2d Ago
368 Favorites 0 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @elizaskinner: Once, a girl I was babysitting flipped out about a fruit rollup. Yelled & punched her sister in the eye. We talked & I fo…
0 Favorites 4283 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @caitlinc118: the “P” in Luke P stands for paradise because that’s where we’ll see him in a couple months falling in love weirdly fast a…
0 Favorites 88 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @BrettSVergara: All the other guys when Luke P declared his love for Hannah after one date #TheBachelorette https://t.co/0EqxYfQdNd
0 Favorites 565 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @djgoor: Today is the first day of the #brooklyn99 season SEVEN writers room!!!!
0 Favorites 1072 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @AOC: What angers me about the GOP’s attempts to turn the United States into a far-right Christian theocracy is how dishonest they are a…
0 Favorites 22538 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @djgoor: Just curious, do you watch #brooklyn99...
0 Favorites 227 Retweets
5d Ago
RT @thelonelyisland: Don’t forget to watch #brooklyn99 last night on @nbc yesterday! https://t.co/fVVqcoNrT2
0 Favorites 1137 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @RickPage_: Thank you @djgoor for creating something we all care so much about—YOU’RE amazing and we couldn’t ask for a better leader! #…
0 Favorites 19 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @AndreBraugher: I have enjoyed tweeting with you tremendously. Thank you for supporting our show. It is such a joy to work with this inc…
0 Favorites 1676 Retweets
6d Ago
Thank you all so much for watching with us, cheering us on, and being part of the squad. Season 6 on @nbc happened because of you (Season 7 too!) I can’t wait to start shooting again soon! LOVE YOU! NINE-NINE! #brooklyn99
10631 Favorites 611 Retweets
6d Ago
#Brooklyn99 https://t.co/mlxVzsTIhx
3336 Favorites 370 Retweets
6d Ago
529 Favorites 34 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @andyscolleen: there’s only five minutes left oh my god oh my god #brooklyn99
0 Favorites 4 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @sanjuanacparamo: These plot twists #Brooklyn99 https://t.co/OirjnPWKNS
0 Favorites 9 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @AndreBraugher: This is our audition tape for the upcoming @007 movie. #Brooklyn99 @kyrasedgwick https://t.co/gMrqbGnHbF
0 Favorites 65 Retweets
6d Ago
“Kobe never passed” KILLLLLLED ME ON SET #Brooklyn99
669 Favorites 46 Retweets
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