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2h Ago
Do a mobile device health check on kids' devices with these 5 top tips: 1. Check the basic i.e. location settings, 2. Review apps on the device, 3. Turn on safe search, 4. Check they're connected safely and 5. Agree digital boundaries. For more visit:
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2h Ago
Digital Director David McDonald @bt_uk highlighting the great work of Internet Matters and the importance of parental engagement on online safety. #MCFconference
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3h Ago
Chief Constable Simon Bailey @CCNorfolkPolice emphasising the importance of education of parents and their need to know their child is safe online. #MCFconference
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3h Ago
Is banning smartphones from schools beneficial for a child's educational development?
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3h Ago
Culture secretary Matt Hancock says schools should ban mobile phones via @SkyNews #onlinesafety
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7h Ago
RT @UK_SIC: 'Establish good habits early on' - Screen Time advice for parents and carers
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22h Ago
RT @CommonSense: Tips for using your device intentionally and being a great digital #rolemodel. #digitalwellbeing #…
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22h Ago
RT @GeekDadGamer: I spent today researching WHO ICD-11 and Gaming Disorder. Contrary to many headlines we are still some year(s) away from…
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22h Ago
Learn more about how to prevent #gaming addiction in young children as 'gaming disorder' can now be treated on the NHS #onlinesafety
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1d Ago
Makers of app have announced plans to merge live streaming app app and shut down the standalone app. Watch advice from parent blogger @AdeleJ75 on how this app works - See more:
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2d Ago
UK Government using #socialmedia to prevent violence on streets by identifying gang-related content online #onlinesafety
2 Favorites 3 Retweets
2d Ago
Watch tips on how to set simple controls on Roblox to give kids a safer gaming experience on the platform - via our parent blogger @Adelej75 - see more advice:
13 Favorites 14 Retweets
2d Ago
Tips for parents to help protect children from online grooming: 1. Use privacy settings, 2. keep things private on social, 3. Know who their friends are, 4. Never meet strangers met online - See more advice:
16 Favorites 18 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @TalkTalkGroup: We're proud supporters of Stop Cyberbullying Day. Our friends at @IM_org provide helpful advice on this subject. https:/…
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4d Ago
RT @GeekDadGamer: So, this happened. My attempt to discuss healthy gaming advice with Piers. All good fun, but to really help parents and c…
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5d Ago
Need advice on what live streaming and vlogging apps are available for kids? See our guide to learn more about setting safety features and how they work. #onlinesafety
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5d Ago
Eton pupils are banned from using smartphones in bed via @DailyMailUK - What are your thoughts? Good idea?
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5d Ago
What should parents be concerned about when kids seek out an army of followers to build their online brand? See expert insight #onlinesafety
0 Favorites 0 Retweets
5d Ago
What is ‘gaming addiction’ and how can you prevent children from developing it? - Get advice from our experts
3 Favorites 6 Retweets
5d Ago
Connect toys, the internet of things - what does this all mean for kids online safety and privacy? See insight from experts
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