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2h Ago
RT @Merry__Can: #DirtyRice
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2h Ago
RT @Belle4DJT: PLEASE READ & HELP EXPOSE TRUTH! These immigration groups, get *MASSIVE* HHS grants & then pay-off DC politicians & human sm…
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2h Ago
RT @xBenJamminx: Hillary Rodham Clinton Espionage - RICO Summary: HRC Gang "infiltrated legitimate entities in order to engage in a crimin…
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2h Ago
RT @1Romans58: Forget Benedict Arnold, he has been surpassed. New Phrase is don't be a John McCain. Words can't describe how low this POS…
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2h Ago
RT @sciencefanatics: #FakeNews fries your brain. Stop now before it is too late and the damage is too severe.
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2h Ago
RT @inittowinit007: 💥💥🇺🇸REMEMBER🇺🇸💥💥 👉🇺🇸EVERYONE 🇺🇸👈 💥🇺🇸DEPLOYED🇺🇸💥 .@realDonaldTrump .@POTUS
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2h Ago
RT @inittowinit007: 💥💥JUSTICE IS COMING 💥💥
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