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7h Ago
RT @rohan_connolly: Perhaps even worse when you consider the primary motivation for the tweet isn't a sincere conviction but a desperate ne…
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7h Ago
RT @mrbenjaminlaw: Christ this is so sad. Can Anglo Australians can ever fully—and intimately—understand the quiet, constant hum of terro…
0 Favorites 241 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @MichaelPascoe01: Are you old or cognisant enough to remember when the Australia Card was too hot to handle? Simple times... https://t.c…
0 Favorites 54 Retweets
7h Ago
Whereupon whatever Dutton opportunistically spruiks to invigorate his confected race-based agenda is merely repeated ad nauseam.
25 Favorites 14 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @JohnWren1950: Dutton can say whatever he likes @crowedm. Rather than just blindly repeating his statements, as a journalist you should…
0 Favorites 51 Retweets
7h Ago
RT @egreyhoundcomau: Bella from #Melbourne is a little girl, who loves the little pleasures in life, She enjoys little walks, and would be…
0 Favorites 24 Retweets
8h Ago
RT @SenSanders: Disney, which made $9 billion in profits last year, pays its workers so little that they are living in their cars to try to…
0 Favorites 3546 Retweets
9h Ago
RT @sleemol: Imagine being the sort of person whose first thought is this after a teenager is murdered. Classy.
0 Favorites 1 Retweets
9h Ago
Caroline will be up next with stats on recent murders by white people ... (... but don't hold yer breath)
62 Favorites 21 Retweets
9h Ago
RT @roweafr: is that all they've got? @FinancialReview #TrumpTapes
0 Favorites 170 Retweets
9h Ago
I say, GOP looks a little worse for wear ...
6 Favorites 1 Retweets
9h Ago
RT @PaulBongiorno: Chilling interview on BBCTV. With Sir John Major on the dire consequences of BREXIT for the UK. A referendum without a m…
0 Favorites 202 Retweets
9h Ago
RT @susanamet: jesus. He's using the death of this young woman to push his racist agenda. I don't think it gets much lower…
0 Favorites 137 Retweets
9h Ago
RT @JamesMelville: I wonder what potential new trading partners around the world will think about a country that refuses to honour its fina…
0 Favorites 207 Retweets
10h Ago
@SueinSpain @Nicolaabaines Found
0 Favorites 0 Retweets
10h Ago
RT @Shorten_Suite: Campbell Newman claims he and Trevor Ruthenberg did NOT cut nurses and healthcare. Hahahahahaha bullshit. #auspol htt…
0 Favorites 86 Retweets
10h Ago
RT @BettyBowers: Trump's fans are really bad at insults. "Social Justice Warrior" sounds like something you should get an award for. And…
0 Favorites 1120 Retweets
10h Ago
RT @JulianBurnside: Or simply have them swear to the "Australian values" statement: “I understand Australian society values respect for ...…
0 Favorites 48 Retweets
10h Ago
RT @DavidLammy: Kick out Boris tomorrow and house some of the thousands of people left homeless by this pernicious government. https://t.c…
0 Favorites 1127 Retweets
10h Ago
RT @JimBliss23: I love this. When the Far Side came out in 1982, paleontologists realised they'd never actually named that part of a stego…
0 Favorites 15243 Retweets
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