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2w Ago
Our brilliant National Health Service, free at point of use to all, is 70 today. Support @NHSVoices and celebrate #NHS70 by preordering your copy of the star studded #WithALittleHelp today and show NHS staff across the UK how much you care https://t.co/kuJQxSNEkR
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2w Ago
Hugely happy July 4th to all of my American friends. Congratulations on ridding yourselves of a corrupt dictator who wanted your tax money for himself and his friends and creating a refuge for the tired, the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. How's that going?
9233 Favorites 1500 Retweets
2w Ago
Happiest of birthdays to the flappiest-handed, quiffiest-haired, narrowest-trousered, nichiest-opinioned, luckiest-married, tinniest-comedy-eared 70s transplant and one of the 2 best film reviewers on @bbc5live evs that is @KermodeMovie. Long may you contribute. @wittertainment
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2w Ago
To anyone saying entertainers should have no voice, fuck you for voting that ratings whore children's party satanic clown into office then. I shout about him to urge everyone to fight on. Every day. Every issue...caged babies, abortion, corruption, collusion. All of it. #Always
4266 Favorites 494 Retweets
2w Ago
Politics aside, can anyone now doubt that the soulless fascist in the White House sees people with darker skin both as subhuman and a threat, women as objects to be mauled and conquered and the prosperity and safety of the world as elements in his ratings drive. #LowestFormOfLife
5667 Favorites 826 Retweets
3w Ago
RT @aravosis: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who got thrown out of a restaurant last night for her abhorrent defense of Trump’s embrace of pedophi…
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3w Ago
For Fox News aficionados: the Don of Dons disses The Donald. #ItTakesOneToKnowOne https://t.co/Mtmq9BHcdk
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3w Ago
Wanna smile, tap your toes and feel grossly inadequate at the same time? Click and feel the awe. https://t.co/G0HGPRMz3K
5534 Favorites 1091 Retweets
3w Ago
A vital reminder across the divide not to let the agenda be set by the corrupt, self-serving, immoral tumor criminally infesting the White House. It's deliberate distraction. #FollowTheMoney p.s. Don't come to the UK, Donny. We all hate you. #RacistsRntUs https://t.co/P3PSoph642
1649 Favorites 240 Retweets
3w Ago
Listen to the sounds of a man pretending to be cool and knowledgeable while nearly fainting from proximity to the world's greatest tennis players. All thanks to the miraculous @GreatOrmondSt #TennisFangirl @TennisPodcast #SicksLove https://t.co/nMOobpsNXc
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4w Ago
RT @BritishRedCross: Did you know this Red Cross centre in Italy hosts nearly 10% of the country’s refugees? #HarryPotter star @jasonsfoll
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4w Ago
RT @BritishRedCross: Hannah lost her home and family after fleeing #Nigeria. #StarTrek and #HarryPotter actor @jasonsfolly discovers how…
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4w Ago
RT @BritishRedCross: Gerald is more than just a #refugee. #HarryPotter star @jasonsfolly finds how he got his big break as an actor - and…
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4w Ago
On my way to @thismorning for #WorldRefugeeDay , #RefugeeWeek and the @BritishRedCross. Very important I stay politically neutral, apparently, and don't say anything bad about #Trump on air, because it could distract from the #PowerOfKindness message. And in the actual world...
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4w Ago
Not one American, not one human could witness this and think it was anything but an aberration against nature. Every night a child sleeps caged and away from their parents is a stain on us all. Make no mistake: this is Trump's policy. Phone your reps now. https://t.co/EQI0PATlFC
2932 Favorites 893 Retweets
4w Ago
Are you fucking kidding me? This evil is taking place daily on an industrial scale. Phone your reps. #MakeSomeNoise https://t.co/PgvS2Ji8Pn
991 Favorites 319 Retweets
4w Ago
Bearded mangod @JamesPurefoy tells it like it is for #FathersDay and @ActionAidUK. Nobody reading this is considering being violent, but someone out there might be or have been or know a victim. Help. Yourselves or them. https://t.co/n9oUm3BVXX
527 Favorites 90 Retweets
4w Ago
Fantastic oportunity to #BeTheLight and make a difference to children in the dark with #Lumos, @jk_rowling's amazing charity: get the chance to attend the exclusive @FantasticBeasts premiere in NYC, London or Paris, meet the stars & stay in a luxury hotel! https://t.co/SI8lOgL4AV
547 Favorites 89 Retweets
5w Ago
The inhuman cruelty in insisting on these family separations betrays Trump's sociopathic lack of empathy. Again. Decent Republicans (and I know many): show this thread to your kids and explain how you're going to help. Yes you can. The rest of you: mobilise. https://t.co/StFZaGXmZt
1295 Favorites 275 Retweets
5w Ago
If you watch Fox news, watch this. If you don't watch Fox news, watch this. Either way, watch this and then for fuck's sakes watch anything else other than Fox news. Forever. It does to your brain what Trump's doing to the constitution. But you gave consent https://t.co/xC1ZVrDqis
2439 Favorites 686 Retweets
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