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22h Ago
Although I’m currently travelling around the world I’d like to wish our Belgium National Football Team good luck today at the @FIFAWorldCup. ⚽🇧🇪 #JCVD #Belgium #FIFAWorldCup #RedDevils https://t.co/7DWCBxt14X
1132 Favorites 192 Retweets
2d Ago
Pumping iron at the gym! 💪🏼 Are you training today? On my official JCVD World YouTube Channel you can find the clip https://t.co/AgT6FOXQdA and hit the notification bell so you’ll never miss a new upload! #JCVD #JCVDWorld #YouTube #Training #PumpingIron #GymTime https://t.co/NmSzGWw17v
597 Favorites 97 Retweets
5d Ago
Hi friends! I’m wishing the ‘Red Devils’, our Belgian National Football Team, all the luck and best wishes for their match today at the @FIFAWorldCup FIFA World Cup! 🇧🇪⚽️ #JCVD #RedDevils #Belgium Photo taken in Manchester, November 2015, with @DeBruyneKev Kevin De Bruyne. https://t.co/ME3kGBoz0p
978 Favorites 152 Retweets
6d Ago
Happy Father’s Day, Papa. And happy Father’s Day to all the dads around the world! #JCVD #FathersDay https://t.co/Xu5IRQY8gi
1295 Favorites 199 Retweets
6h Ago
RT @TheSlyStallone: Look who I ran into a few moments ago @jcvd ,… https://t.co/NQ1yuI8wqh
0 Favorites 239 Retweets
6h Ago
Look at my big brothers Sly and Frank Stallone, always a pleasure! #JCVD #SylvesterStallone @TheSlyStallone @Stallone https://t.co/xPB3k8kaC3
2553 Favorites 353 Retweets
1w Ago
It was a pleasant surprise seeing my friend Arnold @Schwarzenegger at the @GoldsGym yesterday! Good to see he’s back! Happy weekend! #JCVD #ArnoldSchwarzenegger https://t.co/DQTntINBfM
2805 Favorites 471 Retweets
1w Ago
I’ll be going to Tel Aviv soon – ready to explore the Start Up Nation & Innovation Eco-system as part of the Business Circle’s TechFusion Delegation led by the Hon. Warwick Smith AM. #JCVD #Techfusion #BusinessCircle @BusinessCircle_ https://t.co/4al3g0ybkv
362 Favorites 47 Retweets
2w Ago
Happy Birthday, Papa! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for making me the man I am today. Wishing you a beautiful day, I love you. #JCVD #HappyBirthday https://t.co/38BJSxE9La
2040 Favorites 164 Retweets
5w Ago
Discover the first teaser of my new movie 'The Bouncer' (French title 'Lukas'), directed by Julien Leclercq and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sveva Alviti, Sami Bouajila & Kaaris. In theathers August 22nd 2018. Découvrez la 1ere bande annonce de Lukas. #JCVD #Lukas #TheBouncer https://t.co/3ULiWzWTPY
1002 Favorites 274 Retweets
5w Ago
The InterContinental Carlton Cannes by night! #JCVD #Cannes #CarltonCannes #RodinEntertainmentLtd #2018CannesFilmFestival #DoubleX2Action https://t.co/fErfP1WgKv
685 Favorites 76 Retweets
7w Ago
Find out more May 8th, at: >>> https://t.co/rrf7kyPyDu <<< when the website goes live! #JCVD #Cannes #2018CannesFilmFestival #ThreeCoyotes #FullLove #DoubleX2Action #RodinEntertainmentLtd https://t.co/uUSeABJqYK
635 Favorites 104 Retweets
7w Ago
RT @Tostitos: Good friends keep you honest. Better friends feed you chips and salsa. #GetTogetherAlready https://t.co/uTaOhb4Xz6
0 Favorites 48 Retweets
7w Ago
RT @Tostitos: Yellow Corn Bite Size Tostitos: crispy, bubbly, delicious, and approved by @JCVD. #GetTogetherAlready https://t.co/uNGdMYRN0R
0 Favorites 66 Retweets
8w Ago
Happy birthday to my sister Véronique! Wishing you an amazing day! #JCVD #HappyBirthday https://t.co/btlw2Pvn8p
1427 Favorites 116 Retweets
10w Ago
Fist pump to all of you, just for being awesome! Happy Sunday, my friends! #JCVD #BestFans https://t.co/nlHZWVinDR
1091 Favorites 178 Retweets
11w Ago
Hi friends! Here is a behind the scenes photo of ‘Universal Soldier’, taken in 1990 in the Nevada Desert. What was your favourite scene? Happy weekend! #JCVD #UniversalSoldier #LucDeveraux https://t.co/Z3xwUCkSdc
964 Favorites 143 Retweets
11w Ago
RT @PlanetHollywood: What a fun night! This is how you do a throwback ❤️ @CindyCrawford @JCVD #Throwback #PlanetHollywood #TeamJCVD #JCV
0 Favorites 25 Retweets
13w Ago
Happy weekend, my friends! #JCVD https://t.co/lsJ597K7gj
1178 Favorites 149 Retweets
14w Ago
RT @Tostitos: Tostitos wants you to get together with your friends, otherwise you might get replaced by someone else... #GetTogetherAlready
0 Favorites 246 Retweets
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