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11h Ago
RT @achoosrose: We always say how strong Louis is, but can we also appreciate Lottie strength for a second? She has to be a mother figure f…
0 Favorites 892 Retweets
11h Ago
0 Favorites 645 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @SiriusXMHits1: For everyone tweeting about #TwoOfUs x @Louis_Tomlinson, yes we are playing it!! Look for it in #HitBound with @MikeyPif
0 Favorites 707 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @80SFLICKER: 2013 wattpad really made me believe that i can meet niall horan at nando’s wearing my flannel shirt, short shorts and vans…
0 Favorites 59 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @alonestfeels: do you ever sit back and realize ur not anybody’s favorite person, ur just kinda living and at times you get the sudden u…
0 Favorites 47237 Retweets
12h Ago
0 Favorites 2534 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @todays1dhistory: Today (March 18) in 2015 - One Direction play OTRA Hong Kong, their last show together as a five-piece 💗 https://t.co/…
0 Favorites 2311 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @NoControlProjec: I don’t even be reading twitter polls. If I see any of the boys names as an option, I pick it. The caption could liter…
0 Favorites 87 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @tinglesxtattoos: Im so scared to see the new pictures of louis when they come out..
0 Favorites 106 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @Harry_ThighKink: Lottie became the mother figure to Ernest & Doris when jay passed away while she was hurting & going through the pain…
0 Favorites 676 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @NoControlProjec: Louis Tomlinson deserves the world & nothing less.
0 Favorites 487 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @MikeAdamOnAir: Who do you think has the kindest fandom?!! #LouisTomlinson, #CamilaCabello, #BLACKPINK or #DemiLovato???
0 Favorites 2030 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @OfficialWithHL: IG || Some people of the boys’ family and from their crew commented Lottie’s post! ❤️ https://t.co/1AiwOAnBCe
0 Favorites 389 Retweets
12h Ago
0 Favorites 4870 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @ShawnMendes: Paris thank you so much. Tonight was incredible. I love you! Xx https://t.co/VRl3FULM2O
0 Favorites 20005 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @LiamPayne: Please watch and share LOVE MUSIC HATE RACISM’s story to spread the positive message and see the incredible work they’re doi…
0 Favorites 9647 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @NoControlProjec: Rumor has it that Harry is STILL performing Kiwi at the forum to this day. If you listen close enough you can still he…
0 Favorites 635 Retweets
12h Ago
RT @beaadmires1D: Louis: For your eyes only, Niall: I show you my heart Harry: For when you're lonely Liam: And forget who you are Zayn…
0 Favorites 1866 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @iamlorengray: ian and i are no longer together. i’m still always here for him as a friend and we are better that way. thank u<3
0 Favorites 1356 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @holylarents: phoebe and daisy are only 14 years old but have experienced heartbreak that nobody at their young age should writing such…
0 Favorites 1772 Retweets
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