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4w Ago
RT @ShiftNrg: Dear Community, an amazing new development breakthrough: The Phantom API for other #blockchains and enterprises. Now they can…
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6w Ago
RT @ShiftNrg: The first episode of our educational video series is live:! It explores Shift’s foundation, the #bloc
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6w Ago
@OKEx_ $ONION #fDeepOnion because the community is strong, the team is able and progresses rapidly, and privacy is a priority.
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6w Ago
RT @galaxybtc: U.S. House of Representatives Committee on science space and technology, talking about the use case of Devery. This is cal…
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6w Ago
RT @OKEx_: We hear you, crypto-lovers! And we are counting on you to help us find projects with high potential. Follow, RT & comment your a…
0 Favorites 8032 Retweets
6w Ago
@OKEx_ @DeepOnionx because it is the youngest privacy coin with a real organic community growth and a good looking roadmap + team. They definetly have my vote
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7w Ago
RT @Crypto_Countess:
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8w Ago
RT @Thomasplox: 17 days to go! Get yourself one before they are all sold out! @Skycoinproject #cryptocurrency #skyc
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10w Ago
RT @Skycoinproject: #Skyfleet, report immediately to @kickstarter and check out the fan-made #Skycoin Physical Limited Edition Collectable…
0 Favorites 20 Retweets
10w Ago
Skycoin limited edition collectable coins are available now through our kickstarter campaign! 😍 All coins are 18K gold plated, or if you feel extra luxurious you can purchase one of our Fine Silver or 24K gold coins. Stay tuned for updates ☁️ #Skycoin #Collectable #Crypto
2 Favorites 1 Retweets
10w Ago
RT @Crypto_Countess: Guys.. the word is out. You can now support our brand new upcoming project by purchasing real-life collectable 18K gol…
0 Favorites 3 Retweets
10w Ago
RT @Thomasplox: A message to all Skyfleet passengers! Get your Skycoin collectable now! Check it out, and see how you can win 1 pure gold…
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12w Ago
RT @KittyCash_com: Want to #win 1 of 20 Kitties and merch? Join our Re-launch #giveaway to celebrate our new website and rebranding of Kitt…
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13w Ago
RT @KittyCash_com: KittyCash Community Giveaway is live! Join us to get a chance to win 1 of 10 unique kitties this week and another 10 nex…
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16w Ago
@melloo Hello Melissa, could you follow me so I can send you a private message. It concerns your twitter name.
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21w Ago
RT @Maweie1: With a hardcap at 7m i really look forward to @CargoXio. Love the way they can change the shipping game, so many paper trails…
0 Favorites 6 Retweets
21w Ago
RT @CargoXio: CargoX ICO was a wild success. USD 7 million collected in 7 minutes 40 seconds. Over 2000 contributors from 95 countries worl…
0 Favorites 30 Retweets
21w Ago
RT @SJosephBurns: The 4th industrial revolution is here-the key technologies: 1 #AI (Machine/Deep Learning, NLP) 2 #IoT 3 #Blockchain 4 3D…
0 Favorites 533 Retweets
21w Ago
RT @cryptodemedici: The beautiful thing about fast paced and growing industries is that you have to be constantly growing and adapting. Per…
0 Favorites 33 Retweets
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