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23h Ago
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1d Ago
RT @ValaAfshar: I believe if a person wants to be respected, they should have a high LQ — the Q for LOVE. —Jack Ma, CEO @AlibabaGroup htt…
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1d Ago
Very bold and very smart. https://t.co/hLBF6vuDay
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1d Ago
RT @serenawilliams: “QUEEN” @Nike @nikewomen @Nikecourt @virgilabloh https://t.co/91SRvLfpt2
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1d Ago
RT @VNL: As expected, the @NYPost is sold out at all newsstands across NYC. During the 2014 midterms, only 19.1% of 18-29 year old registe…
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2d Ago
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2d Ago
High EQ is just as important as high IQ.
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5d Ago
😍 https://t.co/Jq3kCy5aVe
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5h Ago
Yes please! https://t.co/m1qTn8rgxY
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11h Ago
Beautiful. https://t.co/WGgo1PLkwj
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1w Ago
You are always missed. https://t.co/gOYx0OD16v
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1w Ago
It's amazing what an early evening cocktail with @NolaBeth can do for you. Appreciate you so much <3
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1w Ago
RT @ezraklein: Apple never pretended to be an open platform. They’re a company that obsesses over user experience. And having vile conspira…
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1w Ago
Apple just opened in Milan. https://t.co/gXn7fIw9nK
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1w Ago
Thrilled to have rolled this out || Snapchat Storytellers Is the App’s New Way of Connecting Brands and Influencers https://t.co/8oPsIVsHT6
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1w Ago
YES @DennisTodisco https://t.co/Ln48aR0rII
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1w Ago
#Beyonce https://t.co/CF09xZkRwv
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1w Ago
Incredible https://t.co/iFe2DhznEn
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1w Ago
.@suzywillow you are so special. https://t.co/XaaCMnvfsl
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1w Ago
RT @BW: LOL https://t.co/Z0Z0c2CaEs
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