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1d Ago
RT @mollymcnearney: We should try holding our politicians to the same standard we've set for producers of Game of Thrones.
0 Favorites 27763 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @aishahahalmao: Game of Thrones started with the Starks being betrayed and used. But in the end they won and how beautifully did they wi…
0 Favorites 7138 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @OttawaCitizen: Ottawa teen wins national science fair for finding new way to boost body's ability to detect and kill cancerous cells ht…
0 Favorites 5 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @katharinemcphee: Can beauty vloggers stop fighting and go back to doing tutorials? I’m still trying to perfect my contouring skills...
0 Favorites 237 Retweets
5d Ago
RT @QasimRashid: There were 82 school shootings in 2018—mostly by white men, 0 by Arabs Schools: Let’s use an Arab Guy for our mass shoote…
0 Favorites 23360 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @thetrudz: Shoutout to ppl who save documents every 2.1 seconds while working on them because you lost one file 21 years ago & won’t be…
0 Favorites 25571 Retweets
6d Ago
RT @ctvottawa: Laurier Avenue is closed between Elgin and Nicholas due to a serious collision involving a cyclist. The male cyclist suffere…
0 Favorites 9 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @PrimetimeRyley: Kawhi Leonard’s game winner to the Avengers music is the most satisfying thing I have ever seen
0 Favorites 20511 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @AmyDenise_: All of YouTube: TEA *D R A M A* YES *C A N C E L* 🍵 @safiyajn : D I S N E Y 🧞‍♂️
0 Favorites 7 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @tessbirtue: the whole youtube in the last few days: DRAMA! TEA! MORE DRAMA! @safiyajn: here's 20 minutes of me and Tyler dressing as J…
0 Favorites 584 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @MarlenaStell: All jabs put aside and on important and serious note: if you have been sexually assaulted, don’t ever feel afraid to call…
0 Favorites 433 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @Superrudy1: James Charles: Cancelled Tati: ending careers and glowing Manny Mua: Irrelevant Laura Lee: Dead & irrelevant Jeffree…
0 Favorites 19532 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @perfectluvs: [BREAKING] Beauty Guru Tati is reported to be suffering from intense back pain after carrying James Charles’ entire career…
0 Favorites 1646 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @gabeawaycar: when tati westbrook took the time to calmly call out james charles’ mother by name. saying get your ass off social media &…
0 Favorites 23839 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @Gi10eight: i decorated my graduation cap
0 Favorites 92517 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @chanelttweets: Me after Tati told James Charles’ mom to get off social media and take care of her own damn kids
0 Favorites 7850 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @mintymermaidtea: in a span of one week james charles has: - sparked outrage by charging $500 for a meet and greet ticket - betrayed ta…
0 Favorites 194 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @ameliabeing: i want to thank tati westbrook for an EXCELLENT contribution to messy may. here’s a tldr thread for anyone not into beauty…
0 Favorites 2238 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @upthecows: Wow Tati not only exposed James Charles' true nature, but also threw in Gabriel Zamora's shady ass too lmao…
0 Favorites 504 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @Joshkaneee: Me after spending 45 mins of my day, avoiding my own responsibilities to watch the James Charles and Tati drama. https://t.…
0 Favorites 16904 Retweets
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