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9h Ago
@TajinderBagga Excellent!👍
49 Favorites 5 Retweets
9h Ago
RT @HindolSengupta: Long before Greenwich Meridian came into being India had the Ujjain Meridian which crosses at Tropic of Cancer at Ujjai…
0 Favorites 1208 Retweets
1d Ago
What the hell was that??!! Illegal refugees are creating havoc all over the world, be it India, Britain or the United States. Stop this nonsense!!!
710 Favorites 317 Retweets
1d Ago
@MistryMania LOL! What was that??😝
6 Favorites 1 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @CMOMaharashtra: Maharashtra will contribute 20% to India’s GDP by 2025
0 Favorites 145 Retweets
1d Ago
In other news, London's Madame Tussauds has announced that it will be installing Baba Ramdev's wax statue soon. Nice!
1415 Favorites 327 Retweets
1d Ago
आज उनके बलिदान दिवस पर, भारत के वीर पुत्र डॉ.श्यामाप्रसाद मुखर्जी को कृतज्ञ देशवासियों की श्रदांजलि!
154 Favorites 33 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @PiyushGoyal: IPO of Railways PSU RITES has been oversubscribed more than 66 times. It showcases the deep faith of public in the growth…
0 Favorites 331 Retweets
2d Ago
Congress leader Saifuddin Soz demands independence for Kashmir!! Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad claims Indian army has killed more civilians than terrorists in J&K!! To divert attention from these serious claims, Congress pidi's baselessly start trending #ShahZyadaKhaGaya!!👎
1618 Favorites 782 Retweets
2d Ago
RT @tathagata2: If Vikas Mishra had put similar questions to a couple with dissimilar Hindu names-such as a Kaul and a Venkatsubramani-it w…
0 Favorites 112 Retweets
3d Ago
@jemin_p @bchowla 😝😝😝
2 Favorites 0 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @manakgupta: For those peddling only one side of the story, please listen to Vikas Mishra too. He also has something to say. Watch him t…
0 Favorites 4248 Retweets
3d Ago
#JammuAndKashmir: An encounter presently going on between security forces & terrorists in Anantnag's Srigufwara area. 2 to 3 terrorists believed to be trapped. More details awaited.
640 Favorites 160 Retweets
3d Ago
You seriously need to get a life!!
226 Favorites 39 Retweets
3d Ago
भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगे!!
153 Favorites 24 Retweets
3d Ago
When the name on your passport doesn't match with the other documents you have submitted, doesn't the authority have the right to question the same?? #VikasMishra #ShadiaAnas
4056 Favorites 2124 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @PathanAsmakhan: Members of Muslim Mahila Foundation perform #yoga to mark the 4th International Day of Yoga in #Varanasi #Internation
0 Favorites 96 Retweets
3d Ago
Those who have built their entire career by objectifying people on the basis of their caste & religion are today objecting to a woman being called beautiful. ये अच्छी बात नहीं है!!
340 Favorites 145 Retweets
3d Ago
Heartiest birthday greetings, @mepratap Sir! Your nationalism & courage is an inspiration/for all. Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors!
81 Favorites 17 Retweets
3d Ago
RT @smritiirani: Performed Yoga with citizens of Chandigarh as part of #InternationalYogaDay celebrations.
0 Favorites 408 Retweets
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