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5h Ago
German music duo plays their first show in the U.S. and has no idea they’ve become popular in America. The band freezes in shock and starts to tear up when they realize the entire audience is singing their song. #musicnews #Music
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6h Ago
30 Times Musicians Starred in Movies #musicnews #Music
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8h Ago
New Music to take a #Listen to this week from @JadeTheMoon @djscandalous @thecoloniesdc @AndyZmiko @DearWillowMusic and @TheAliJacko #indie #MusicTalksXYZ #musicblog
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8h Ago
So cool 🤣 OH...and so is the T-shirt 🤣 ⠀ See more it here 👉 ⠀
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12h Ago
It's terrible when you find a new toy/app idea.....🤣 #justsaying
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12h Ago
I REALLY REALLY think you need to check this out The @DJStruthMate Show! Great Aussie Fun! #IndieMusic
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12h Ago
This weeks Music Review of Barbra Lica | Coffee Shop - Another hairy 5 Beards from the Ghostly one. @ghostlybeard @beelica #MusicTalksXYZ #IndieMusic #MusicMonday
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12h Ago
@TheSilverbeets You're welcome, great to have you on #MusicTalksXYZ
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12h Ago
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13h Ago
Music blog & Radio Internet Directory - There are 300 active listings to Radio, Blogs and PR for artists to contact/email to get your music on. They are all very active on social media & welcome artists to submit. Only $12AUS
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14h Ago
They're Quirky, Melodic, Unique, Yet Manage To Stamp A Mainstream Sensibility In Their Music | The Silverbeets #interview by Andrew @MullenOfficial Up Now! @TheSilverbeets #indie #IndieMusic
18 Favorites 5 Retweets
15h Ago
Here is a bit of Rock to #Rock your #MondayMotivation with 🎧 August Featured Band Colour Machine. Their music & story here 👉🏼 #IndieMusic #rockmusic from #Adelaide @colourmachineAU
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18h Ago
Here's some metal to get your teeth into....August featured artists Dog Of Man....Their story is quite an interesting one too 🤪 #MetalMusic #IndieMusic Right here 👉🏼
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20h Ago
Have you seen who's on Music Talks for August? 💜 @calebjmurphy @OliviaCella1 @CompassCavern @colourmachineAU & #DogOfMan 👏🏼 👏🏼 Do Yourself a favour & explore, learn & hear great #IndieMusic 👍🏼 #Music #IndieMusicBlog
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21h Ago
Do you want to have a chat with the Teen Talks Team? 👉🏼 @DanielleVHaskel @FaithandHarry @_maddiemueller_
15 Favorites 7 Retweets
21h Ago
It's funny how the lyrics in a song makes so much sense compared to when someone talks. Things click in place and spark deeper emotions we never thought we were capable of feeling. That's the power of Music. #MusicIsLife Don't take it for granted & value the art of good music.
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23h Ago
Tracey Talks New Independent Music via @YouTube #NewMusicFriday #NewMusic
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