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1d Ago
Cray Hill Pharmacy won the #flufighter best carers award in 2016.  Find out how the pharmacy took a proactive approach to raising awareness of the #flu vaccination for carers. https://t.co/Ag6ouTbcAJ https://t.co/Mfj3nwz3if
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2d Ago
@AiredaleNHSFT @Airedale_ED Amazing! https://t.co/BVafZNy4pi
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2d Ago
Great to see peer vaccinators are being trained for next season already - they are such an important part of your campaign! #flufighter #flumatters #flu https://t.co/X5rvh47eTZ
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2d Ago
Nicola from @PublicHealthW travelled to New Zealand to learn more about their #flu immunisation campaigns. Read about the great practice she picked up! #FluFighter https://t.co/mUX6WMk2XS https://t.co/oZvbj378b1
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2d Ago
@TeresaMCoombes Our #flufightercare resources should be available to download at the end of the month- have sent you a message with more info!
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2d Ago
#flufighter #flufightercare https://t.co/SZituHkGN5
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5d Ago
Help protect yourself and your baby. You can absolutely have your flu vaccination during pregnancy. #flufighter #mythbustermonday https://t.co/PqyxEbBHPK
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1w Ago
Are you busy planning for #flu season? Don't forget to use our flu fighter guides to help, including this one⬇️for those of you working in care settings #flufighter #flufightercare https://t.co/WpidqQGtRs https://t.co/Lgh83zEbEz
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1w Ago
Amazing things are being planned for care staff in Leeds around flu vaccinations! Thanks @LCH_IPC and Leeds City Council Public Health for letting us into your planning meeting- we're very excited to be presenting at October's care home managers' event #flufightercare
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1w Ago
Even healthy people can get flu! Get the #flu jab to protect yourself and those around you #WednesdayWisdom #flufighter #flufightercare https://t.co/CQr5oa8wMo
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1w Ago
RT @MaternityRde: It’s that time again! Flufighters to the ready 🙌🏼@NHSflufighter https://t.co/Rki542m1ei
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1w Ago
Resharing this great blog by @DrZoeWilliams on why you need your #flu jab even if you're healthy from last year's #jabathon #flufighter #flufightercare https://t.co/eIt5iijtzS https://t.co/mnbqYozTm9
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1w Ago
The #flu is indiscriminate. Even the healthiest people can be infected and in some unfortunate cases worse. #flufighter #flufightercare #mythbustermonday https://t.co/5DxWOQfVnF
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1w Ago
RT @1stchatter: In this glorious sunshine it’s hard to imagine that #flu season is fast approaching. We’re preparing now by asking staff to…
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2w Ago
Great #flufightercare tips for community trusts that cover a vast geographical area. This can make it hard to vaccinate frontline healthcare staff against #flu. #flufighter https://t.co/gtZqFyCiI4 https://t.co/t8NXq6oB9Z
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2w Ago
Still think #flu is nothing to worry about? Take a look on our #flumatters page to find out why you should be vaccinated and be a #flufighter! #flufightercare https://t.co/9dL0l065JR https://t.co/vjTUQK7pNY
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2w Ago
Great to see one of our flu fighter lanyards on #999whatsyouremergency, get yours at our dedicated flu shop https://t.co/ggHb0CmmfF #flufighter #flufightercare https://t.co/RAmZyObw5Q
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2w Ago
An excellent example of great planning for the coming flu season to protect yourself and those around you! #flufighter #nevertooearlytoplan https://t.co/2xipnEH7tr
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2w Ago
The #flu vaccine is your shield. Any #flufighter knows that the vaccine is the single best protection against influenza. #flufightercare #mythbustermonday https://t.co/lw9BwPKOb2
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3w Ago
A throwback to 2015 when @Mersey_Care held a successful #flu campaign thanks to their #ImmuniseYourSelfie digital campaign. https://t.co/7lF2QXkccs https://t.co/sCFTiprFJt
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