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4h Ago
RT @pt_taylorswift: Vote —— #Delicate #iHeartAward #BestMusicVideo @taylorswift13 Most iconic artist ?! For you !
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4h Ago
RT @tswiftslena: SWIFTIES!!! LETS GO AND RETWEET to vote for @taylorswift13’s #Delicate for #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards @taylornat
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13h Ago
RT @AlvinSwiftyy: RETWEET TO VOTE!!💫❣️ I'm voting @taylorswift13 for #Delicate to win the category #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards ht…
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13h Ago
RT @TSUpdatesNY: RETWEET to vote @taylorswift13’s #Delicate for #BestMusicVideo at the 2019 #iHeartAwards! 🤪 1000 RTs = 1000 VOTES 🤪 https…
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13h Ago
RT @7fuckingrings: FLIP YOUR PHONE ˙ʍou sʇɹɐʇs ʞǝǝʍ ʇsɹoʍ ɹnoʎ 'sıɥʇ ʇǝǝʍʇǝɹ ʇ,uop noʎ ɟI ˙ʇɥɓıuoʇ sʍǝu pooɓ ploʇ ǝq llıʍ noʎ 'sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ ǝ…
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15h Ago
RT @milkygoddess: my soulmate is out there somewhere.... being dumb n not falling in love w me yet..... so if they could hurry the hell up…
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15h Ago
RT @TSwiftNZ: RETWEET this tweet to vote for @taylorswift13’s #Delicate for #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards! 🤩 1000 RT’s = 1000 VOTES…
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15h Ago
RT @swiftreptour: LETS GET THIS TWEET TO 1,000 RT IN 24HRS!! CAN WE DO IT TO DO VOTE FOR TAYLOR!! RETWEET this tweet to vote for @taylorsw
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18h Ago
RT @Shivam_Murari: The most ironical part about reputation era was people realizing that they didn't hate the album, they just hated what t…
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1d Ago
RT @taylorloved1d: 👑SPREAD THE WORD 👑 🐍1000 RTS = 1000 VOTES🐍 @taylorswift13: 234.9k, Ari: 108.4k #Delicate #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAwards
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1d Ago
RT @DervlaLena: Catholic school kids in the hallway before a religion test
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1d Ago
RT @pt_taylorswift: Rt - vote | comment hashtags Vote #Delicate #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAdwards @taylorswift13 Let’s go Swifties We love…
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1d Ago
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1d Ago
RT @TayIorVoteStats: #iHeartAwards STATS for #BestMusicVideo 📈 1. #Delicate : 235K (-36.1k) 2. thank u, next : 114.7K (-22.9k) 3. T…
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1d Ago
RT @AndrewEshleman: Hey @taylorswift13 this is my friend Megan Martin. She has been battling a rare form of leukemia for almost two years n…
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1d Ago
RT @musaswift13: Who is better? Rt for Katy Perry Like for Ariana Grande
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1d Ago
RT @TSUpdatesNYBU: RETWEET to vote @taylorswift13’s #Delicate for #BestMusicVideo at the 2019 #iHeartAwards! ✨ 1000 RTs = 1000 VOTES ✨ htt…
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2d Ago
RT @swiftadhesive: 100% accurate 💯 #Delicate #BestMusicVideo #iHeartAwards @taylorswift13
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2d Ago
RT @NPrasoetkun: RETWEET to vote @taylorswift13’s #Delicate for #BestMusicVideo at the 2019 #iHeartAwards!
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2d Ago
RT @reputallison13: RT to vote for #Delicate for #BestMusicVideo at the #iHeartAwards @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 🥰💙✨💃🏼…
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