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3d Ago
Proactive Property Crime Unit deputies conduct undercover operation at gold buy & sell business; numerous violations discovered, over $7000 in tickets issued for failure to properly maintain records & immediate resale of precious metals. Details: https://t.co/iBZk6b3Jti https://t.co/8ukseN8jui
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3d Ago
@cmdtacoma Thank you so much for sharing! We passed along your message to Deputy Wiggins, please know it will make his day :) If he stops by again we'd love to share your pics too. Have a great day!
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3d Ago
@KarinSheets Please call 253-798-4243 or email us the details at pcsheriff@co.pierce.wa.us Thanks!
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3d Ago
We were told that Kaden was "showing Deputy Reed his diving skills" in the photo. Looks awesome! Way to go Kaden, congrats on your graduation. In 20 yrs from now we will be ready for you to trade in the junior badge for a PCSD patrol badge - plus you can join our dive team too!
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3d Ago
"I just wanted to thank Deputy Reed for taking time out of his day to bring a Jr Deputy badge to my son & talk to him & congratulate him on his kindergarten graduation. Kaden has not stopped talking about it & is even more excited about being a police officer when he grows up." https://t.co/QBGHHxBzDZ
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4d Ago
With temps expected to be in the high 80's again today, please be extra cautious with kids & pets in cars - DO NOT leave them in a parked vehicle. On Monday deputies had to smash in a window of a SUV after a dog & 3 cats were left inside for over 1 hr! https://t.co/W7mVNVlhUS https://t.co/w9u7niAb8b
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5d Ago
RT @PierceCo: Want to work for the @PierceSheriff's Department? They're seeing a large number of vacancies in both the #PierceCo jail and l…
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5d Ago
Woman wakes in the middle of the night to find an intruder in her home, fires warning shot & then shoots teen burglary suspect in the arm. Deputy trained as military combat medic treats suspect's wounds until paramedics arrive on scene. Details: https://t.co/BkbRdBdWhj https://t.co/kvPMNtoCSw
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5d Ago
Some of awesome PCSD dads that make serving their community a family business: Sergeant & Deputy Ward, Sgt Davidson & Deputy Mendoza, Lieutenant & Corrections Deputy Cropp, Forensics Mgr & Corr Deputy Wilkins, Lt & Deputy Minturn, Detective & Sgt Moss, Deputy & Corr Deputy Butler https://t.co/9gxzXjXr3S
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1w Ago
On 6/13 we responded to a new & elaborate kidnapping scam that terrified a Spanaway family. We NEVER collect $ from the public for warrants or missed jury duty; if someone threatens arrest & demands payment – especially gift cards – it is a SCAM. Details: https://t.co/ImRygbfUeL https://t.co/dfpF7aGpCu
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1w Ago
Suspect falls through ceiling while trying to hide from deputies & K9; deputy in room below sees ceiling start to buckle, throws couch cushions on the floor as sheetrock explodes above; suspect arrested for felony warrants & assault of K9 Details: https://t.co/2ALOgft3L8 https://t.co/Vy1Xcytwe6
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1w Ago
Also a special shout out to the 2 teens who found the truck while riding dirtbikes. They thought it looked like it was stolen & called their dad, who called 911. They patiently waited at the scene for our deputy while she handled 2 assaults - awesome help from the Elmore boys!
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1w Ago
Big shout out to our new friends Kieth, Michael, & Kyle for helping us recover a stolen truck that was dumped in the woods. One of our deputies was on scene trying to get ahold of a tow truck when these guys drove by & offered to help pull it to the roadway. How awesome is that?! https://t.co/qVXFMOTLtJ
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2w Ago
@KIRO7Brooke Photo was sent in from a woman who wanted to share it as a way to show the "different hats our deputies wear". Was from a collision on Sunday where 2 young children were injured, one very seriously (not pictured).
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2w Ago
Courage - Compassion - Integrity - Respect - Responsibility It's who we are. It's what we do. #ProudToServe #JoinOurTeam #BestJobEver https://t.co/24vHJBFwO5
211 Favorites 27 Retweets
2w Ago
@PhotogFreelance @georgew1965 Jus need to pass the PAT, there no age limit. We have hired several first time deputies over 35, including one very recently. Come check out one of our hiring workshops - next one is 6/11 in downtown Tacoma.
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2w Ago
Last week's cleanup of an illegal encampment stirred up lots of interesting discussion about homelessness. At the time of the cleanup, no one took the services offered; we are happy to report that one now has & we think you will learn a lot from his story: https://t.co/YSCW1aTJoq https://t.co/IrrXDn0Q4k
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2w Ago
It is very special honor for a father to pin a badge on a deputy. It is also a very special honor for a son to have his father unpin his badge 28 yrs later when he retires. At Sgt. Cassio's retirement party we witnessed this touching moment between a proud father & a humble son. https://t.co/c80BpIWlSf
650 Favorites 76 Retweets
2w Ago
The community we proudly serve is giving us some serious #MondayMotivation today. Check out these awesome messages we received over the weekend for our deputies: https://t.co/5t5rOrn69b
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3w Ago
Perfect day for a watermelon eating contest at Duck Daze in University Place. Deputy Mills and Deputy Finley did not take home the trophy, but we think they are top contenders for Best Tactics and Best Hair While Eating Watermelon. https://t.co/2clDCNdNjI
101 Favorites 11 Retweets
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