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1h Ago
Buy some accessories handcrafted in #Sen from KABAGS (an online boutique created by my little sisters and I).
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1h Ago
@DanaHoule transparent and shameless.
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1h Ago
RT @DatelineNBC: For the last few months, @JacobSoboroff traveled the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border to find out what life on both sides of…
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1h Ago
RT @hfricken: I knew this was going to turn out be the case. It’s illegal to deny an asylum request until it’s processed, so the govt tacti…
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1h Ago
RT @richmond2day: Currently happening: dozens gathered to protest Dave Brat's immigration policies at Innsbrook
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1h Ago
RT @MikeDrucker: Love people who say “I respect people no matter what their opinion” like they’re heroes for standing up for nothing
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1h Ago
RT @harrysiegel: The detainees had been offered reunification with their families in exchange for “voluntary deportation”…
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1h Ago
RT @NajeebaSyeed: TODAY: Join #ICEOutofLA encampment at 1pm for spiritual service for #keepfamiliestogether at Metro Detention Center 535…
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1h Ago
RT @tyrone345345: A white woman called the police on this girl for selling water. Someone found out that she was selling bottles of water…
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1h Ago
If you insert 45's handle in my mentions, automatic block.
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2h Ago
RT @PioneerPress: St. Paul Mayor Carter rejects police chief’s call for 50 new cops
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2h Ago
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2h Ago
RT @Justseeds: New #NoOneIsIllegal graphic by Christeen Francis @outoflinepress available for download and non-commercial use on our #grap
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2h Ago
That's lovely.
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2h Ago
RT @ChristineFox_: Oh wow. So as it turns out, the little girl who was selling the water was doing so to earn $ go to Disneyland. A Twitter…
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2h Ago
RT @eramshaw: HUGE: Detained migrants tell @TexasTribune they’ve been promised their kids in exchange for deportation…
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3h Ago
LOL ❤️
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3h Ago
RT @ArmsControlWonk: This. Civility discourse is about avoiding the substance of a claim by criticizing its form, like rejecting a complain…
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3h Ago
@Dimitri246 I'm asked a version of this question AT LEAST once a day :) I happened to post something on FB just a couple of days ago about a response I shared to a similar question with someone recently.
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3h Ago
The essay is really about how I've felt helpless at various junctures in working alongside and on behalf of young Black people. But I remember that showing up and caring is at least half the battle.
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