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2d Ago
I don't wanna do this 9-5 thing I wanna be my own boss.
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3d Ago
@lerato_RAI @Karabo_Mokgoko Hugs hugs <3 <3 nothing last forever whatever that is it will pass.
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4d Ago
RT @GabrielMncwabe: With my cosmetic range launching on the 1st of July I will be posting before and afters of all my friends who have agre…
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6d Ago
wow the struggle!!!
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6d Ago
Wonder what time ima get home.....
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6d Ago
Never been in jhb at this time of the night I'm so terrified.....
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6d Ago
Appreciate people who are good to you <3
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1w Ago
RT @fcfortune: I keep getting Dm'd about certain business practices and business in general. So here's a thread that may just help some fel…
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2w Ago
RT @pukeb0nes: if u tweeted something sad and i liked ur tweet that means i hugged u and told u everything’s going to be okay
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3w Ago
RT @TonyTrill40: Homeless billionaire exposes restaurant. 😭😭 Don't jugde a book by its cover😊😊
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3w Ago
RT @kostka_chris: lemme bless y’all with this video
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4w Ago
RT @RealTalkKim: God says, "I'm about to put you in a place where they will be able to SEE you but won't be able to REACH you!"
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4w Ago
RT @DoctorMualusi: I design Boundary Walls AKA Stop Nonsense.... Please retweet maybe my next client is on your timeline. We're in Midran…
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4w Ago
RT @iistargirl: Someone asked my 32 year old aunty when she's having a baby. She's had 4 miscarriages and gotten divorced because of not ha…
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4w Ago
RT @willkatelady: Honestly the most important part of self care is being very picky with who you spend your time with, who you invite into…
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8w Ago
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9w Ago
RT @CulpritEnter: When you are in a position of power ....employ your people. The word nepotism is only created to divide us.
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9w Ago
@ntsikimazwai Camagu <3
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9w Ago
Truth is every guy know how to treat a girl like a queen,you are just not his Queen!!!
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10w Ago
RT @Diddy: Trust God and chill.
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