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22h Ago
Happy #FathersDay!
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22h Ago
RT @FoxNews: .@replouiegohmert on IG report: "The reason @realDonaldTrump says the conclusions are ridiculous is because the man's not stup…
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2d Ago
Tune in to @FoxNews today at 3:05PM CENTRAL! Commenting on the latest surrounding the #IGReport!
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4d Ago
Happy #NationalFlagDay!
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1w Ago
ICYMI: Talked with @GriffJenkins on @ffweekend this morning. Here’s the full interview:
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1w Ago
It was an absolute honor to speak at the @FaithandFreedom #roadtomajority conference this morning!
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1w Ago
RT @foxandfriends: .@replouiegohmert: Ex-Democrat IT worker who worked for over 40 Democratic members of Congress and Debbie Wasserman Schu…
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1w Ago
RT @foxandfriends: .@replouiegohmert: Robert Mueller’s special counsel has wasted money right and left and trying to cover for himself whil…
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1w Ago
1w Ago
TODAY at 3:25PM CENTRAL will join @AftertheBell to discuss the breaking news of a former #Senate aide indicted for leaks. Tune in to @FoxBusiness!
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1w Ago
Will be speaking on the @HouseFloor today around 1PM CENTRAL. You can watch LIVE on @cspan
90 Favorites 33 Retweets
1w Ago
PASSED! The House just voted on my amendment regarding the social cost of carbon.
242 Favorites 62 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @davidwebbshow: @replouiegohmert at 10:05 on ongoing  #MuellerInvestigation & IT scandal @SiriusXMPatriot ch 125
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1w Ago
HAPPENING NOW: @HouseJudiciary holds hearing on questions regarding the U.S. Census. WATCH:
102 Favorites 34 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @SiriusXMPatriot: Today on @davidwebbshow 9a-12p ET on @SIRIUSXM Ch 125 @replouiegohmert on #MuellerInvestigation & Awan/IT Scandal Joh…
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1w Ago
Calling in to @BreitbartXM at 7:40AM CENTRAL. Listen in to @SiriusXMPatriot!
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1w Ago
RT @RepCloakroom: We have begun 10 minutes of debate on the Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) @replouiegohmert Amendment No. 10
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1w Ago
ICYMI: Here's my FULL interview on @FoxNews re: Russia investigation, #Mueller, DOJ/FBI offering a new briefing & more:
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1w Ago
RT @FoxNews: .@replouiegohmert: "As long as we have a Special Counsel who will not even confess as to his limits, then this is going to con…
0 Favorites 449 Retweets
1w Ago
Talking to @HARRISFAULKNER next on @FoxNews! Tune in!
212 Favorites 52 Retweets
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